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Riley (horse)

Sire Longfellow
Dam Geneva
Grandsire Leamington
Damsire War Dance
Gender Stallion
Foaled 1887
Country United States
Color Bay
Breeder C. H. Durkee
Owner Edward Corrigan
Trainer Edward Corrigan
Record 64: 30-17-4
Earnings $43,430
Riley is a thoroughbred racehorse out of Geneva by Longfellow. He was born around 1887 in the United States, and was bred by C. H. Durkee.
Major wins
Kentucky Derby (1890)
Horse (Equus ferus caballus)

Riley (1887- July 1, 1910) was a bay colt sired by Longfellow out of Geneva and was the winner of the 1890 Kentucky Derby, finishing the race at the slowest time recorded to that point, at 2 minutes 45 seconds, due to a very muddy track[1]. Riley was originally named Shortfellow[2] and had a relatively long and successful career winning the Railway Stakes, Trial Stakes, Merchants' Stakes, Clark Stakes, Speculation Handicap, Fairwiew Lightweight Handicap, Pelham Bay Handicap, Monmouth Cup, Shrewsbury Handicap, Coney Island Cup, Bay Ridge Handicap, Free Handicap, Brooklyn Cup, and Montgomery Stakes[2]. Over his career he had 64 starts with 30 wins, 17 places and 4 shows.

Riley died on July 1, 1910 at the age of 23 while being cared for by a racehorse rescue association.[3]


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