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Robert L. Gerry, Jr.

Robert L Gerry, Jr.
Born 5, 1911(1911-Template:MONTHNUMBER-05)
New York, New York
Died , 1979
New York, New York
Occupation Businessman
Accomplished polo player
Spouse(s) Martha Leighton Kramer
Children Nancy Gerry, Robert L. Gerry, III

Robert Livingston Gerry, Jr. (December 5, 1911 – December 1979) was an accomplished American polo player.

Two-time winner of the U.S. Open Polo Championship.

  • Won in 1939 playing the #2 position for the Bostwick Field team.
  • Won in 1940 playing the #2 position for the Aknusti team.
  • Lost in finals of 1941 championship while playing for the Aknusti team.

(From 1923 to 1941 all U.S. Open Polo Championships were played at Meadow Brook on Long Island, New York)

The U.S. Open Polo Championships

The 1939 Bostwick Field team: George H. Bostwick, Robert L. Gerry Jr., Elbridge T. Gerry, Eric H. Tyrrell-Martin.

The 1940 U.S. Open Polo Championship final was an especially impressive victory as the Aknusti team beat the Great Neck team which was captained by legendary 10 goal polo player Tommy Hitchcock, Jr.. The final score was a close 5 to 4. Playing for Aknusti that year were Gerald Smith, Robert Gerry Jr., Elbridge Gerry, and Alan Corey Jr.

The 1941 Aknusti team was composed of Ebby Gerry, Robert L. Gerry, Jr., Edward H. Gerry, and Pete Bostwick. In the U.S. Open finals they played against Gulf Stream whose riders were Mike Phipps, Ben Phipps, Charley von Stade, and Alan Corey, Jr. Gulf Stream beat Aknusti 10-6.

Also, an accomplished Court tennis player. Tuxedo Gold Racquet Singles Champion in 1946. Won the U.S. Amateur Doubles Championship in both 1949 and 1950 playing with Alastair Martin. Was a Charter Member of the United States Court Tennis Association.[1]

Married Martha Leighton Kramer.

Owned until his death was his sprawling 2,000-acre (8.1 km2) estate "Aknusti" (later renamed Broadlands) in the rolling hills of Delaware County, New York. It has acreage in the townships of Andes, Delhi, and Bovina New York. It is an almost contiguous estate with a polo field, multiple working farms, a 20,000 sq ft (1,900 m2). mountain ridge sited colonial manor house, numerous dependencies, and landscaping done by Frederick Law Olmstead. That property has since been sold multiple times although it remains intact and owned by Amanresorts.[2]


  • Twin brothers Henry and Edward; and an older brother Elbridge T. "Ebby" Gerry
  • Nephew of U.S. Senator Peter G. Gerry (father's brother)
  • Nephew of Mary Harriman who founded the Junior League (mother's sister)
  • Nephew of E. Roland Harriman (mother's brother)
  • Grandson of railroad baron E.H. Harriman. (Mother was E H Harriman's daughter, Cornelia Harriman, who married Robert L. Gerry, Sr.)
  • Great-great grandson of Elbridge Gerry, signer of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Surviving children: Robert L. Gerry III

Robert's father, a successful real estate developer, died at Aknusti at the age of 81 on October 31, 1957[3] just a few hours after his brother, former U. S. Senator Peter G. Gerry, died in Providence, Rhode Island. Robert L. Gerry, Jr's mother was a sister to Roland Harriman and to the New York governor, W. Averill Harriman.



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