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Robert Whitaker (equestrian)

Robert Whitaker is an international showjumper who rides for the British Team. Robert is the son of the John Whitaker, nephew of Michael Whitaker and cousin of both Ellen and William Whitaker. Robert was born on January 26, 1983 and lives in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.[1]

Robert has represented the British Team many times from junior pony level to the senior ranks.[1] He is a prospect for both the next Olympics and other international show jumping classes.[2] One of Robert's career highlights to date was becoming the British Open Champion at the inaugural British Open Show Jumping Championships in 2003. He has since been crowned champion again in 2008 and 2009. He has now won the title a total of 3 times.[3]

Robert has ridden many horses at the highest level. Some of his many horses include Lacroix, his winner at the British Open,[3] and Finbarr, a very successful puissance specialist.[1] He has also previously ridden the horse Arko, now competing successfully with Nick Skelton.


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