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Rodeo queen

A rodeo queen is a female contestant at a special event at rodeos. The event is part horse riding ability, part beauty pageant.

There are two nationwide pageants in the United States, Miss Rodeo America and Miss Rodeo USA. In addition most states have their own pageants. There are a number of qualifying pageants, local pageants, and contests for specific rodeo events. Australia also hosts rodeo queens.[1]

Most pageants require contestants to be single, childless, unmarried, under 24 years old, and female (although there are also gay rodeo events such as the International Gay Rodeo Association that also crown "queens").[2] The most common major categories are appearance, horsemanship, and personality, with a number of subcategories. Contestants are solicited, scored at a judging event, and offered small prizers or trophies.[3] Winners of the more prominent pageants may have promotional opportunities, including attending parades, rodeos, and charity events.

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