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Grand Slam of Eventing

The Grand Slam of Eventing, sponsored by Rolex, consists of three of the top CCI**** eventing competitions in the world. To win the Grand Slam, a rider must consecutively win all three events, although they are permitted to ride different horses in each competition. This is especially important, since the Badminton Horse Trials is only one week after Kentucky, and the horse would not have sufficient time to recover between the two competitions, especially since he/she would have to be flown overseas in that time.

The three events that make up the Grand Slam are:

Winners receive an extra $350,000, in addition to their winnings from each event.

Past winners

The Grand Slam of Eventing began in 1999, and has since only been won by one rider.

Pippa Funnell:

  • 2003 Kentucky Three Day on Primmore's Pride
  • 2003 Burghley Horse Trials on Primmore's Pride

This feat will never again be emulated, since the sport heralded a new era in 2005 with the introduction of 'short format,' eliminating the Roads and Tracks and Steeplechase phases of the Endurance day.

Other Notable Performances

Andrew Hoy:

  • 2006 Kentucky Three Day on Master Monarch
  • 2006 Badminton Horse Trials on Moonfleet
  • 2006 2nd Burghley Horse Trials on Moonfleet (in the lead until the final phase.)

Oliver Townend:

  • 2009 Badminton Horse Trials on Flint Curtis
  • 2009 Burghley Horse Trials on Carousel Quest
  • 2010 Kentucky Horse Trials on Ashdale Cruise Master and ODT Master Rose, (in 9th and 6th after dressage but fell cross country while riding Ashdale Cruise Master and had to be airlifted to hospital)


Having initiated the concept themselves in 1998, the company have since established themselves as a leading sponsor within Three Day Eventing. Furthermore, they are title sponsors of the Rolex Kentucky Horse Trails and major supporting sponsors for Badminton and Burghley.


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