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Rosecroft Raceway

Rosecroft Raceway is a harness horse racing track located in Oxon Hill, Maryland, in the United States.

William E. Miller, a noted harness racer and horse breeder in the mid-20th century founded Rosecroft Raceway in 1947.[1][2] It was the only known raceway to be owned by horse owners, horse trainers, and jockeys.[1]

Rosecroft was originally the W.E. Miller Stables.[3] It was located next to the Rosecroft Stock Farm, where horses were bred.[3] For many years, Rosecroft Raceway held an annual sale of yearling Standardbred horses bred in Maryland.[4] It also hosted the annual Sire Stake Races to promote the best of Maryland-bred horses.[5]

Rosecroft announced it would close on July 1, 2010.[6][7] The track had had several owners in the past few years, had stopped hosting live harness racing, and then lost it license to broadcast thoroughbred races.[6][7] Live racing ended in 2009, and the track relied on the simulcasts and revenue from off-track betting.[6] After losing $30 million in 2009, Cloverleaf Enterprises (the track's current owner) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June 2009.[7] Mark Vogel, one of Rosecroft Raceway's previous owners, loaned the track $350,000 to stay open.[7] Vogel offered to buy the track, but a bankruptcy court judge refused to approve the plan.[7] Rosecroft officials had hoped that the Maryland General Assembly would approve legislation allowing table games and other types of casino gambling at Rosecroft, but that did not occur.[6] In early June 2010, Cloverleaf filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation.[7]


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