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San Fernando Stakes

Grade II race
San Fernando Stakes
Location Santa Anita Park
Arcadia, California, United States
Inaugurated 1952
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website www.santaanita.com
Race information
Distance 11/16 miles (8.5 furlongs)
Track Pro-Ride synthetic dirt, left-handed
Qualification Four-years-old
Weight Assigned
Purse $150,000

The San Fernando Stakes is an American Thoroughbred horse race held annually in mid January at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California. Open to four-year-old horses, it is contested on at a distance of 11/16 miles (8.5 furlongs) on Pro-Ride synthetic dirt.

First run in 1952, the San Fernando Stakes is the second leg of Santa Anita Park's Strub Series.

The race was contested at 1⅛ miles from 1960 to 1997. It was run in two divisions in 1964, 1975, and 1977.


Speed record:

  • 1:40.16 - Air Command (2008) (at current distance of 11/16 miles)
  • 1:46.60 - In Excess (at previous distance of 1⅛ miles)

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

Most wins by an owner:

  • 2 - Gedney Farms (1964, 1977)
  • 2 - Jack Kent Cooke (1990, 1994)







2010 Papa Clem Tyler Baze Gary Stute Bo Hirsch 1:42.64
2009 Nownownow Joe Talamo Patrick L. Biancone Fab Oak Stable 1:41.45
2008 Air Command Aaron Gryder Bob Baffert Robert N. Clay and Faisal Salm 1:40.16
2007 Awesome Gem Tyler Baze Craig Dollase West Point Thoroughbreds 1:41.90
2006 Unbridled Energy Garrett Gomez Richard E. Mandella Doug Cauthen 1:44.33
2005 Minister Eric Rene Douglas Richard E. Mandella Diamond A Racing 1:42.14
2004 During David Flores Bob Baffert James McIngvale 1:41.63
2003 Pass Rush Corey Nakatani Patrick B. Byrne Michael Tabor 1:42.97
2002 Western Pride Garrett Gomez James K. Chapman Chapman and McArthur 1:41.30
2001 Tiznow Chris McCarron Jay M. Robbins Michael Cooper, et al. 1:42.05
2000 Saint's Honor Kent Desormeaux Craig Dollase Stephan G. Herold 1:41.94
1999 Dixie Dot Com David Flores William Morey, Jr. Chaiken, Chaiken and Heller 1:41.06
1998 Silver Charm Gary Stevens Bob Baffert Bob & Beverly Lewis 1:41.94
1997 Northern Afleet Chris McCarron David E. Hofmans Anderson and Waranch 1:48.59
1996 Helmsman Chris McCarron Wallace Dollase Horizon Stable, Jarvis, et al 1:48.87
1995 Wekiva Springs Kent Desormeaux Robert B. Hess, Jr. Dizney and English 1:48.59
1994 Zignew Chris McCarron Daniel Smithwick Jack Kent Cooke 1:47.87
1993 Bertrando Chris McCarron Robert J. Frankel 505 Farms and Nahem 1:51.22
1992 Best Pal Kent Desormeaux Gary Jones Golden Eagle Farm 1:48.25
1991 In Excess Gary Stevens Bruce L. Jackson Jack J. Munari 1:46.60
1990 Flying Continental Corey Black Jay M. Robbins Jack Kent Cooke 1:47.20
1989 Mi Preferido Chris McCarron Laz Barrera Barrera and Saiden 1:47.40
1988 On The Line Jose A. Santos D. Wayne Lukas Eugene V. Klein 1:49.00
1987 Variety Road Laffit Pincay, Jr. Bruce Headley Kjell H. Qvale 1:49.00
1986 Right Con Rafael Meza Melvin F. Stute William R. Hawn 1:48.40
1985 Precisionist Chris McCarron Ross Fenstermaker Fred W. Hooper 1:47.40
1984 Interco Patrick Valenzuela Ted H. West David I. Sofro 1:48.60
1983 Wavering Monarch Eddie Delahoussaye Laz Barrera Glencrest Farm 1:50.00
1982 It's the One Walter Guerra Laz Barrera Amin Saiden 1:47.60
1981 Doonesbury Sandy Hawley Barney Willis Jones, Roffe, et al. 1:47.00
1980 Spectacular Bid Bill Shoemaker Bud Delp Hawksworth Farm 1:48.00
1979 Radar Ahead Darrel McHargue Gary Jones Sidney H. Vail 1:48.00
1978 Text Fernando Toro Vincent Clyne Elmendorf Farm 1:49.40
1977 Kirby Lane † Laffit Pincay, Jr. Laz Barrera Gedney Farms 1:47.60
1977 Pocket Park Steve Cauthen Ron McAnally Elmendorf Farm 1:48.60
1976 Messenger of Song Jerry Lambert Gordon C. Campbell Bernard J. Ridder 1:48.20
1975 Stardust Mel Bill Shoemaker Charlie Whittingham Marjorie L. Everett 1:48.60
1975 First Back Jacinto Vasquez Ron McAnally Post Time Stable 1:46.80
1974 Ancient Title Laffit Pincay, Jr. Keith L. Stucki, Sr. Ethel Kirkland 1:47.60
1973 Bicker Glenn Brogan Bobby Wingfield Green Thumb Farm Stable 1:48.20
1972 Autobiography (DH) Eddie Belmonte Pancho Martin Sigmund Sommer 1:47.20
1972 Triple Bend (DH) Donald Pierce Vance Longden Frank M. McMahon 1:47.20
1971 Willowick Eddie Belmonte Joseph Manzi Robert E. Hibbert 1:48.80
1970 no race
1969 Cavamore Eddie Belmonte Buster Millerick Mrs. M. Troy Jones 1:49.00
1968 Damascus Bill Shoemaker Frank Whiteley, Jr. Edith W. Bancroft 1:48.80
1967 Buckpasser Braulio Baeza Edward A. Neloy Ogden Phipps 1:48.20
1966 Isle of Greece Walter Blum Hirsch Jacobs Ethel D. Jacobs 1:48.60
1965 Hill Rise Donald Pierce William B. Finnegan El Peco Ranch 1:48.40
1964 Nevada Battler Manuel Ycaza George D. Adams J. Kel Houssels 1:48.80
1964 Gun Bow Bill Shoemaker Edward A. Neloy Gedney Farms 1:47.80
1963 Crimson Satan Herb Hinojosa Charles Kerr Crimson King Farm 1:47.20
1962 Four-and-Twenty Johnny Longden Vance Longden Alberta Ranches, Ltd. 1:48.80
1961 Prove It Bill Shoemaker Mesh Tenney Rex C. Ellsworth 1:47.60
1960 King O'Turf Angel Valenzuela Ron McAnally M/M J. Ross Clark II 1:50.00
1959 Hillsdale Tommy Barrow Martin L. Fallon, Jr. Clarence Whitted Smith 1:42.40
1958 Round Table Bill Shoemaker William Molter Kerr Stables 1:42.20
1957 Holandes II Bill Shoemaker Bob R. Roberts Wood, De Benedetti and Roberts 1:43.20
1956 Beau Busher Jack Westrope Dale Landers Sunnyside Stable 1:43.60
1955 Poona II Bill Shoemaker Red McDaniel Helbush Farms 1:40.80
1954 By Zeus Jack Westrope William J. Hirsch Cynthia Lasker 1:49.40
1953 Mark-Ye-Well Eddie Arcaro Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 1:44.20
1952 Counterpoint Dave Gorman Sylvester Veitch C. V. Whitney 1:45.20

  • † In 1977, Properantes won the 1st division of the race but was disqualified from first to second.
  • In 1972 there was a Dead heat for first.



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