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Sapling Stakes

Grade III race
Sapling Stakes
Location Monmouth Park
Oceanport, New Jersey USA
Inaugurated 1883
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website Monmouth Park Racetrack
Race information
Distance 6 Furlongs
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Two-year-olds
Weight Assigned
Purse $150,000

The Sapling Stakes is an American Grade III Thoroughbred horse race run annually in early September at Monmouth Park in Oceanport, New Jersey. Open to 2-year-olds, it is raced on dirt over a distance of six furlongs for a purse of $150,000.

First run in 1883, the New Jersey Legislature passed a law in 1894 that banned parimutuel betting in the state and the track closed its doors. In 1946, the state legislature passed a bill providing for state regulation of horse racing and the Sapling Stakes was revived.

In 1952, the race was run in two divisions.



Time record:

  • 1:07.84 - Gilded Time (1992)

Most wins by an owner:

  • 3 - James Cox Brady, Jr. (1949, 1952, 1953)

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

Winners of the Sapling stakes






2009 Western Smoke Elvis Trujillo Steve Asmussen Kirk and Judy Robison 1:09.55
2008 Silent Valor Stewart Elliot Todd Pletcher Let’s Go Stable 1:10.26
2007 Lantana Mob Stewart Elliott Steve Asmussen Vinery Stables 1:09.97
2006 Xchanger Joe Bravo Mark Shuman Circle Z Stables 1:10.68
2005 He's Got Grit Aaron Gryder Steve Asmussen Curtis C. Greene 1:09.69
2004 Evil Minister Julian Pimentel Erik Juvonen Namcook Stables 1:11.21
2003 Dashboard Drummer Jose C. Ferrer Allen Iwinski Edwin Wachtel et al. 1:10.84
2002 Valid Video Chuck C. Lopez Dennis Manning Mac Fehsenfeld 1:09.88
2001 Pure Precision Eibar Coa John J. Tammaro III Kinsman Stable 1:10.82
2000 Shooter Joe Bravo John F. Dowd L. & R. Hurley & D J Stable 1:10.63
1999 Don't Tell the Kids Jorge Tejeira Robert J. Durso O. Wayne Link 1:10.18
1998 Yes It's True Shane Sellers D. Wayne Lukas Padua Stables 1:10.09
1997 Double Honor Joe Bravo D. Wayne Lukas Ahmed bin Salman 1:09.75
1996 Smoke Glacken Craig Perret Henry L. Carroll Karkenny Levy et al. 1:10.16
1995 Hennessy Donna Barton D. Wayne Lukas Bob & Beverly Lewis 1:10.84
1994 Boone's Mill Pat Day D. Wayne Lukas William T. Young 1:10.40
1993 Sacred Honour Carlos Lopez, Sr. Ben Perkins, Jr. John A. Franks 1:11.00
1992 Gilded Time Chris McCarron Darrell Vienna Milch, Silverman & Silverman 1:07.80
1991 Big Sur Richard Migliore D. Wayne Lukas Kaskel, Lukas & Young 1:10.80
1990 Deposit Ticket Gary L. Stevens D. Wayne Lukas Overbrook Farm & Lukas 1:11.00
1989 Carson City Julie Krone D. Wayne Lukas William T. Young 1:10.40
1988 Bio Patrick A. Johnson Steve Penrod W. W. Hancock III 1:10.40
1987 Tejano Jacinto Vasquez D. Wayne Lukas Lloyd R. French, Jr. 1:09.00
1986 Bet Twice Chris Antley Warren A. Croll, Jr. Levy & Cisley Stable 1:10.20
1985 Hilco Scamper Gary L. Stevens Mike Chambers Wright-Cross-Roch 1:10.80
1984 Doubly Clear Joseph Garcia Stephen C. Rowan Judy Bujnicki 1:10.40
1983 Smart n Slick Donald A. Miller, Jr. Jerry C. Meyer A. Hawk 1:10.80
1982 O.K. by You Craig Perret Walter Reese Timber Creek Farm 1:10.80
1981 Out of Hock Don Brumfield Stanley M. Rieser Charles J. Cella 1:10.20
1980 Travelling Music Craig Perret J. Bowes Bond Elberon Farm 1:11.00
1979 Rockhill Native John Oldham Herbert K. Stevens Harry A. Oak 1:08.80
1978 Tim the Tiger Jeffrey Fell John M. Veitch Calumet Farm 1:11.80
1977 Alydar Eddie Maple John M. Veitch Calumet Farm 1:10.60
1976 Ali Oop Larry Saumell Warren A. Croll, Jr. Jaclyn Stable 1:09.80
1975 Full Out Buck Thornburg Odie Lee Buckland Farm 1:11.60
1974 Foolish Pleasure Jacinto Vasquez LeRoy Jolley John L. Greer 1:10.40
1973 Tisab Walter Blum J. O'Bryant Mill Ridge Farm 1:10.20
1972 Assagai Jr. Joseph Imparato C. Butler Marat-Sessa 1:10.80
1971 Chevron Flight Martin Fromin Tommy Heard, Jr. Caesar P. Kimmel 1:11.80
1970 Staunch Avenger David E. Whited Gin L. Collins Annette Mann 1:11.40
1969 Ring For Nurse Michael Miceli D. Levine Red Brick Stable 1:11.80
1968 Reviewer Braulio Baeza Edward A. Neloy Ogden Phipps 1:10.40
1967 Subpet Ray Broussard Warren A. Croll, Jr. Tom LeClair 1:10.40
1966 Great Power Bill Shoemaker Edward A. Neloy Wheatley Stable 1:09.40
1965 Buckpasser Braulio Baeza William C. Winfrey Ogden Phipps 1:10.60
1964 Bold Lad Braulio Baeza William C. Winfrey Wheatley Stable 1:09.40
1963 Mr. Brick Larry Adams Charles A. DuBois Roy Sturgis 1:10.60
1962 Delta Judge Ray Broussard Clyde Troutt Ada L. Rice 1:10.60
1961 Sir Gaylord Ismael Valenzuela Casey Hayes Meadow Stable 1:10.60
1960 Hail To Reason Bobby Ussery Hirsch Jacobs Patrice Jacobs 1:10.40
1959 Sky Clipper Willie Harmatz H. Hausner William G. Helis, Jr. 1:11.40
1958 Watch Your Step Eric Guerin C. W. Parish Circle M Farm 1:10.60
1957 Plion Nick Shuk Tom Jolley Edward J. Potter, Jr. 1:11.40
1956 King Hairan Eddie Arcaro Leonard H. Hunt Massey & Edwards 1:10.80
1955 Needles John Choquette Hugh L. Fontaine D-H Stables 1:10.60
1954 Royal Coinage Jack Skelly Anthony J. Pupino Clearwater Stable 1:11.00
1953 Artismo James Stout Robert L. Dotter James Cox Brady, Jr. 1:11.00
1952 Landlocked Fernando Fernandez Robert L. Dotter James Cox Brady, Jr. 1:13.00
1952 Laffango Fred Pannell Merritt Buxton Trio Stable 1:12.80
1951 Landseair James Stout J. Bowes Bond High Ground Stable 1:12.60
1950 Battlefield Eddie Arcaro Jack Creevy George D. Widener, Jr. 1:10.80
1949 Casemate John Gilbert Robert L. Dotter James Cox Brady, Jr. 1:11.60
1948 Blue Peter Eric Guerin Andy Schuttinger Joseph M. Roebling 1:12.80
1947 Task Robert J. Martin William J. Hirsch King Ranch 1:11.60
1946 Donor Job Dean Jessop Preston W. Burch D. Howe 1:12.20

Earlier winners

  • 1883 - Duchess (W. Donohue) 1:18.75
  • 1884 - Brookwood (Edward Feakes) 1:15.50
  • 1885 - Savanac (R. Olney) 1:17 .00
  • 1888 - Tipstaff (Eilke) 1:15.25
  • 1889 - Devotee (W. Hayward) 1:15.25
  • 1890 - Sorcerer (F. Reagan) 1:16.25
  • 1891 - Air Plant (Anthony Hamilton) 1:12.75
  • 1893 - Senator Grady (W. Midgley) 1:05.00

Note: the 1893 race was run at 5½ furlongs on the straight course.



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