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Saratoga Special Stakes

Grade II race
Saratoga Special Stakes
Location Saratoga Race Course
Saratoga Springs, New York, United States
Inaugurated 1901
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website Saratoga Race Course
Race information
Distance 6½ furlongs
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Two-year-olds
Weight Assigned
Purse $150,000

The Saratoga Special Stakes is an American Grade II Thoroughbred horse race run annually in mid August at Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs, New York. The race is for two-year-olds willing to race six and a half furlongs on the dirt.

First run in 1901, the Saratoga Special was a winner-take-all race until 1959 when it became a standard stakes race. The race was held at Belmont Park on the Widener Course in 1943, 1944, and 1945. Thee was no race in 1911 and 1912 due to the New York State legislated ban on parimutuel betting that led to the closure of all New York racetracks. There was also no race held in 2004.

Since inception it has been contested at various distances:

  • 5.5 furlongs : 1901-1906
  • 6 furlongs : 1907-1993, 2005
  • 6½ furlongs : 1994 to present

Only four horses have ever won all three Saratoga Racecourse events for two-year-olds. Regret (1914), Campfire (1916), Dehere (1993), and City Zip (2000) each swept the Saratoga Special, Sanford Stakes and Hopeful Stakes.


Speed record:

  • 1:09.55 - Caller I. D. (1991)

Most wins by a jockey:

  • 7 - Eddie Arcaro (1935, 1947, 1950, 1954, 1955, 1958, 1959)

Most wins by an owner:

  • 4 - George D. Widener (1923, 1930, 1950, 1969)

Winners of the Saratoga Special






2009 D' Funnybone Edgar Prado Richard E. Dutrow, Jr. Paul Pompa Jr. 1:17.58
2008 Run Away and Hide Robby Albarado Ronny Werner Kirk/Riordan/Bates 1:15.67
2007 Kodiak Kowboy Shaun Bridgmohan Steve Asmussen Vinery Stables/Fox Hill 1:15.95
2006 Chace City Edgar Prado Scott Blasi Gold Square 1:16.83
2005 Henny Hughes Gary Stevens Patrick Biancone Darley Stable 1:10.38
2003 Cuvee Jerry Bailey Steven Asmussen Ron Winchell 1:15.97
2002 Zavata Jerry Bailey Patrick Biancone Michael B. Tabor 1:17.65
2001 Jump Start Pat Day D. Wayne Lukas Overbrook Farm 1:17.35
2000 City Zip Jose Santos Linda L. Rice Bowling & Thompson 1:16.88
1999 Bevo Edgar Prado William Badgett, Jr. Peter Callahan 1:17.78
1998 Prime Directive Jorge Chavez Cynthia G. Reese Noreen Carpenito 1:17.18
1997 Favorite Trick Pat Day Patrick Byrne Joseph LaCombe 1:17.15
1996 All Chatter Jorge Chavez Stanley M. Hough Brodsky/Goslow/Shelley 1:16.37
1995 Bright Launch Jose Santos D. Wayne Lukas James Spence 1:17.98
1994 Montreal Red Jose Santos Flint S. Schulhofer Vendome Stables 1:17.96
1993 Dehere Eddie Maple Reynaldo H. Nobles Due Process Stable 1:09.92
1992 Tactical Advantage Julie Krone Flint S. Schulhofer Philip Teinowitz 1:10.59
1991 Caller I. D. Jerry Bailey Stanley M. Hough Triumviri Stable 1:09.55
1990 To Freedom Angel Cordero, Jr. John J. Tammaro, Jr. Herman Heinlein 1:11.56
1989 Summer Squall Pat Day Neil J. Howard Dogwood Stable 1:09.94
1988 Trapp Mountain Jerry Bailey George R. Arnold II Loblolly Stable 1:10.80
1987 Crusader Sword Robbie Davis MacKenzie Miller Rokeby Stable 1:10.20
1986 Gulch Angel Cordero, Jr. Leroy Jolley Peter M. Brant 1:10.00
1985 Sovereign Don Jorge Velasquez D. Wayne Lukas Eugene V. Klein 1:11.40
1984 Chief's Crown Don MacBeth Roger Laurin Andrew Rosen 1:10.20
1983 Swale Eddie Maple Woody Stephens Claiborne Farm 1:12.60
1982 Victorious Angel Cordero, Jr. Eugene Jacobs Herbert Allen 1:10.60
1981 Conquistador Cielo Eddie Maple Woody Stephens Henryk de Kwiatkowski 1:10.60
1980 Well Decorated Michael Venezia Eugene Jacobs Herbert Allen 1:10.20
1979 J. P. Brother Eddie Maple John P. Campo Diamond Peg Stable 1:12.00
1978 General Assembly Darrel McHargue Leroy Jolley Bertram R. Firestone 1:09.00
1977 Darby Creek Road Angel Cordero, Jr. Lou Rondinello James Phillips 1:10.00
1976 Banquet Table Jacinto Vasquez George T. Poole, Jr. C. V. Whitney 1:11.60
1975 Bold Forbes Jorge Velasquez Lazaro S. Barrera E. Rodriquez Tizol 1:09.80
1974 Our Talisman Michael Venezia Eddie Yowell Oak Crest Stable 1:10.40
1973 Az Igazi Michael Venezia Homer C. Pardue Joseph R. Straus 1:11.00
1972 Stop The Music Jacinto Vasquez John M. Gaver, Sr. Greentree Stable 1:11.20
1971 Tarboosh Eddie Maple Reggie Cornell Calumet Farm 1:10.40
1970 Three Martinis Angel Cordero, Jr. Roger Laurin Edward Sawyer 1:10.80
1969 Pontifex Pete Anderson Sylvester E. Veitch George D. Widener, Jr. 1:11.60
1968 Reviewer Braulio Baeza Edward A. Neloy Ogden Phipps 1:10.40
1967 Vitriolic Braulio Baeza Edward A. Neloy Ogden Phipps 1:10.40
1966 Favorable Turn Bobby Ussery Eugene Jacobs Herbert Allen 1:10.60
1965 Impressive Braulio Baeza Edward A. Neloy Ogden Phipps 1:10.20
1964 Sadair Manuel Ycaza Les Lear Mary B. Hecht 1:10.60
1963 Duel Braulio Baeza Moody Jolley Claiborne Farm 1:10.80
1962 Mr. Cold Storage Johnny Sellers Sidney Jacobs Winding Way Farm 1:12.60
1961 Battle Joined Manuel Ycaza Woody Stephens Cain Hoy Stable 1:10.00
1960 Bronzerullah Raymond York Lucien Laurin Frank A. Sherman 1:11.60
1959 Irish Lancer Eddie Arcaro Norman McLeod Pebblebrook Farm 1:12.00
1958 First Landing Eddie Arcaro Casey Hayes Christopher Chenery 1:12.80
1957 Grey Monarch Jimmy Nichols Horatio Luro E. P. Taylor 1:13.60
1956 Nearctic Gordon McCann Gordon McCann E. P. Taylor 1:13.00
1955 Polly's Jet Eddie Arcaro R. Downes Barclay Stable 1:11.40
1954 Royal Coinage Eddie Arcaro Anthony J. Pupino Clearwater Stable 1:12.20
1953 Turn-To Henry Moreno Eddie Hayward Cain Hoy Stable 1:12.80
1952 Native Dancer Eric Guerin William C. Winfrey Alfred G. Vanderbilt II 1:13.20
1951 Cousin Eric Guerin William C. Winfrey Alfred G. Vanderbilt II 1:12.00
1950 Battlefield. Eddie Arcaro Bert Mulholland George D. Widener, Jr. 1:11.20
1949 More Sun Gordon Glisson Preston M. Burch Brookmeade Stable 1:13.80
1948 Blue Peter Eric Guerin Andy Schuttinger Joseph M. Roebling 1:13.00
1947 Better Self Eddie Arcaro Max Hirsch King Ranch 1:12.80
1946 Grand Admiral Job Dean Jessop Preston M. Burch Brookmeade Stable 1:13.40
1945 Mist o'Gold Wayne D. Wright Don Cameron Vera S. Bragg 1:10.60
1944 Pavot George Woolf Oscar White Walter M. Jeffords 1:09.60
1943 Cocopet Conn McCreary Not found Lazy F Ranch 1:10.60
1942 Halberd George Woolf Oscar White Sarah F. Jeffords 1:13.00
1941 Amphitheatre Alfred Robertson John M. Gaver, Sr. Manhasset Stable 1:11.60
1940 Whirlaway Johnny Longden Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 1:11.20
1939 Bimelech Fred A. Smith Bill Hurley Edward R. Bradley 1:10.80
1938 El Chico Nick Wall Matthew P. Brady William Ziegler, Jr. 1:10.40
1937 Pumpkin John Gilbert John M. Gaver, Sr. John Hay Whitney 1:12.60
1936 Forty Winks Raymond Workman John M. Gaver, Sr. Greentree Stable 1:13.80
1935 Red Rain Raymond Workman Thomas J. Healey C. V. Whitney 1:13.00
1935 Coldstream † Eddie Arcaro Albert Gordon Coldstream Stud 1:13.00
1934 Boxthorn † Don Meade Bill Hurley Edward R. Bradley 1:13.00
1933 Wise Daughter L. Gilbert Robert McGarvey F. A. Burton 1:12.60
1932 Happy Gal Thomas Malley Jim Fitzsimmons Belair Stud 1:13.00
1931 Top Flight Raymond Workman Thomas J. Healey C. V. Whitney 1:12.00
1930 Jamestown Linus McAtee A. Jack Joyner George D. Widener, Jr. 1:11.40
1929 Whichone Linus McAtee James G. Rowe, Jr. Harry Payne Whitney 1:13.80
1928 Blue Larkspur Anthony Pascuma Herbert J. Thompson Idle Hour Stable 1:13.60
1927 Ariel Laverne Fator Sam Hildreth Rancocas Stable 1:12.60
1926 Chance Shot Earl Sande Pete Coyne Joseph E. Widener 1:13.00
1925 Haste Earl Sande Thomas Welsh Joseph E. Widener 1:12.40
1924 Sunny Man Laverne Fator Not found Willis Sharpe Kilmer 1:12.40
1923 St. James Earl Sande A. Jack Joyner George D. Widener, Jr. 1:11.60
1922 Goshawk Linus McAtee James G. Rowe, Sr. Harry Payne Whitney 1:12.20
1921 Morvich Frank Keogh Fred Burlew Benjamin Block 1:12.20
1920 Tryster Joseph Rodriguez James G. Rowe, Sr. Harry Payne Whitney 1:12.60
1919 Golden Broom Eddie Ambrose Mike Daly Sarah F. Jeffords 1:12.80
1918 Hannibal Lavelle Ensor Thomas J. Healey Richard T. Wilson, Jr. 1:16.20
1917 Sun Briar Willie Knapp Henry McDaniel Willis Sharpe Kilmer 1:15.00
1916 Campfire John McTaggart Thomas J. Healey Richard T. Wilson, Jr. 1:13.20
1915 Dominant Thomas McTaggart James G. Rowe, Sr. Lewis S. Thompson 1:16.00
1914 Regret Joe Notter James G. Rowe, Sr. Harry Payne Whitney 1:11.60
1913 Roamer George Byrne A. J. Goldsborough Andrew Miller 1:13.00
1910 Novelty Cal Shilling Sam Hildreth Sam Hildreth 1:14.40
1909 Waldo David Nicol Not found Charles L. Harrison 1:15.80
1908 Sir Martin Cal Shilling John E. Madden John E. Madden 1:18.80
1907 Colin Walter Miller Jim Fitzsimmons James R. Keene 1:12.00
1906 Salvidere W. Sewell John E. Madden Tommy Hitchcock, Jr. 1:12.40
1905 Mohawk II Arthur Redfern H. H. Hynes John Sanford 1:07.00
1904 Sysonby Arthur Redfern James G. Rowe, Sr. James R. Keene 1:07.00
1903 Aristocracy Frank O'Neill John E. Madden John E. Madden 1:11.80
1902 Irish Lad Nash Turner John E. Madden Whitney / Duryea 1:08.20
1901 Goldsmith Nash Turner John W. Rogers William C. Whitney 1:08.80

  • In 1953, Porterhouse finished first, but was disqualified and set back to last.
  • † In 1935, there was a dead heat for first.



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