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Satellite Information Services

Satellite Information Services (Holdings) Ltd.
Type Private
Industry News Gathering and Racing Services
Founded 1987
Headquarters Corsham Street, London
Products Picture, Data, iSIS, OB, Cameras & IP.
Net income £158.9 million [1]
Employees 456 [1]
Website www.sis.tv

Satellite Information Services (or SIS for short) is a company which provides news gathering services and broadcasts events such as Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing, as well as Lottery games such as Rapido and 49's, to betting shops in the United Kingdom and Ireland and other Worldwide destinations.

It was formed in 1986 when bookmakers took the opportunity to broadcast live racing in their shops for the first time - previously only live audio commentary was broadcast to Licensed Betting Offices (LBOs) and a 'whiteboard' man transcribed the shows and results in the LBOs. The service was launched initially in Bristol on May 5, 1987 and subsequently rolled out to approximately 10,400 bookmakers in the UK and Ireland.

SIS is owned by Ladbrokes 23%, Thales (Racal) 23%, United News & Media 19%, William Hill Organisation 19%, Racecourse Association 10% and Tote 6%.[2] [3]

Ladbrokes PLC, William Hill Organization Limited and the Horserace Totaliser Board are all shareholders of Satellite Information Services (Holdings) Limited. Mr Fred Done (the owner of Betfred bookmakers) is also a private shareholder. Shareholder bookmakers therefore account for approximately 5,800 LBOs receiving the SIS service. Each of the bookmaker shareholders have board members representing them on the SIS (Holdings) Board in the form of Alan Ross (Ladbrokes), Fred Done (Betfred), Ian Spearing (William Hill) and Joe Scanlon (Tote) [4]

Recently a rival company Amalgamated Racing Limited (trading as TurfTV) has entered the marketplace for Racing Services and is SIS's only competitor for the distribution of horse racing and virtual racing products to LBOs in the UK and Ireland. TurfTV does not distribute to any of the Worldwide locations serviced by SIS.

In 2010 Phil Siers, ex sales and marketing director of TurfTV, made a shock move from TurfTV to SIS. This is without doubt a major case of gamekeeper turned poacher and could mean that TurfTV's entry into the market is now much more difficult than it may have been. Whilst TurfTV has made great inroads into the marketplace this is thought to have occurred due to the management expertise of Siers and Alan Morcombe (TurfTV's Executive Chairman) and the loss of Siers may mean that they are now unable to consolidate their success. It is clear that the loss by TurfTV of live horse racing from South Africa is the first success of Siers in his new role.




SIS was formed in response to the impending change in the law. Betting shops were able to have televisions displaying live racing action, replacing the previous Extel service of commentary over a loudspeaker.


Service launched on 5 May. Supplied race coverage from two horse race and one greyhound meeting per day. Received by just 100 shops in Bristol with a target of 3,000 shops in its first year.


Successfully renegotiated contracts with the UK and Irish bookmakers for a further five years. Appointed by the betting industry to manage its rights licence with 49 of the UK racecourses and to include those races within its services.


The service supplies more than 1200 UK horse race meetings per year, 1500 greyhound meetings, 300 Irish and 300 South African horserace meetings and, as a response to the introduction of the National Lottery, a range of numbers betting products, including virtual horse and greyhound racing.


On 1 April 2008, BBC Resources sold their outside broadcasting division (BBC Outside Broadcasts) to SIS, and on the 9th of September launched the new combined company, SIS LIVE.

Now received in virtually all UK and Éire shops, together with 300 outlets in Western Europe - a total of 9,500 shops. It is also broadcast to betting outlets in the Caribbean, Sri Lanka, Italy and the former USSR.

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