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Selima Stakes top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Selima Stakes, an American stakes race for fillies two years-old at 1-1/16 miles (8.5 furlongs) on the turf held at Laurel Park Racecourse in Laurel, Maryland.[1] (List 1986-present)

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2008 No Race No Race No Race n/a
2007 Bsharpsonata Grace and Power Fareena n/a
2006 Street Sounds Changeisgonnacome Bitter Lemon n/a
2005 J'Ray Nice Nelly Rasta Farian n/a
2004 Hear Us Roar Take a Check Gotta Rush n/a
2003 Richetta Tattinger Rose Spectacular Moon n/a
2002 Makin Heat Lets Just Do It Heirloom Diamond n/a
2001 No Race No Race No Race n/a
2000 Haitian Vacation Company Storm Due With Two n/a
1999 Jostle Dawn Princess Class n/a
1998 Magic Broad Petunia Perfect Challenge n/a
1997 Clark Street Mercy Me Copelan's Angel n/a
1996 Reach the Top Assault John Fancy Freda n/a
1995 River of Rum Buckaroo Zoo Chapter Seven n/a
1994 Stormy Blues Special Broad Upper Noosh n/a
1993 Irish Forever Tee Kay Makadir n/a
1992 Booly Foxy Ferdie Shy Minstrel n/a
1991 Ken de Saron Point Spread Froze n/a
1990 Tycoon's Drama Irish Linnet Bursting Forth n/a
1989 Sweet Roberta Harbar Wavering Girl n/a
1988 Capades Darby Shuffle Money Movers n/a
1987 Minstrel's Lassie Seattle Sangue Miss Boniface n/a
1986 Collins Ruling Angel Silent Turn n/a
1985 I'm Splendid Silent Account Cosmic Tiger n/a
1984 Mom's Command Diplomette Soliciting n/a
1983 Miss Oceana Buzz My Bell Me Darlin Anna B. n/a
1982 Bemissed Icy Time No Body Else's n/a
1981 Snow Plow Ambassador of Luck Chilling Thought n/a
1980 Heavenly Cause Rainbow Connection Carolina Command n/a
1979 Smart Angle Par Excellance Street Ballet n/a
1978 Candy Eclair Whisper Fleet Drop Me a Note n/a
1977 Lakeville Miss L'Alezane Eye of the Storm n/a
1976 Sensational Northern Sea Debby's Turn n/a
1975 Optimistic Gal Artfully Free Journey n/a
1974 Aunt Jin Funny Cat Summertime Promise n/a
1973 Dancealot I'm a Pleasure Talking Picture n/a
1972 La Prevoyante Naive Famous Tale n/a
1971 Numbered Account Susceptible Fairway Fler n/a
1970 Patelin Make Me Laugh Isafloridan n/a
1969 Predictable Office Queen Sweet Mist n/a
1968 Shuvee Process Shot Queen's Double n/a
1967 Syrian Sea Gay Matelda Singing Rain n/a
1966 Regal Gleam Quillo Queen Thong n/a
1965 Moccasin Swift Lady Darryll n/a
1964 Marshua Queen Empress Discipline n/a
1963 My Card Is Ours Enchanting n/a
1962 Fool's Play Gay Serenade Smart Deb n/a
1961 Tamarona Broadway Dulaturee n/a
1960 Good Move Times Two Eastern Princess n/a
1959 La Fuerza Postward Saecastic n/a
1958 Rich Tradition Toluene Annsie Pie n/a
1957 Guide Line Crown A Glitter n/a
1956 Lebkuchen Smoke Veil Planchette n/a
1955 Levee Manihiki Nasrina n/a
1954 High Voltage Myrtle's Jet Misty n/a
1953 Small Favor Queen Hopeful Clear Dawn n/a
1952 Tritium His Duchess Mac Bea n/a
1951 Rose Jet Faberose Knot Hole n/a
1950 Aunt Jinny Vulcania Rose Fern n/a
1949 Bed o' Roses Striking Busanda n/a
1948 Gaffery Lady Dorimar Fond Embrace n/a
1947 Whirl Some Alfoxie Miss Mommy n/a
1946 Bee Ann Mac Say Blue Quarantaine n/a
1945 Athene Edified Bridal Flower n/a
1944 Busher Gallorette Ace Card n/a
1943 Miss Keeneland Twilight Tear Whirlabout n/a
1942 Askmenow Good Morning Too Timely n/a
1941 Ficklebush Vagrancy Hard Baked n/a
1940 Valdina Myth Big Event Moja n/a
1939 War Beauty Tedbriar Miss Ferdinand n/a
1938 Big Hurry Inscoelda Dinner Date n/a
1937 Jacola Creole Maid Nansemond n/a
1936 Talma Dee Dawn Play Peplum n/a
1935 Split second Beanie M. Reminding n/a
1934 Nellie Flag Judy O'Grady Blossom Again n/a
1933 Jabot Hindu Queen Bazaar n/a
1932 Notebook Swivel Welcome Gift n/a
1931 Laughing Queen Sarietta Delicacy n/a
1930 Tambour Risque Backup n/a
1929 Khara Galaday Night Signal n/a
1928 Current Nearby Mint Friary n/a
1927 Bateau Twitter Spy Glass n/a
1926 Fair Star Aromagne Saleslady n/a

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  1. Stakes Histories, The Original Racing Almanac 2009, page 428 on June 26, 2008.


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