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Definitions of semi-feral in relation to cats vary, but essentially describe a domesticated cat that has reverted to the wild (is no longer owned or kept by someone). Semi-feral cats may continue to live in proximity to humans and may be accustomed to their presence.

Feral cats on the other hand are generally agreed to be "wild" cats that have never been domesticated. A semi-feral cat that mates and gives birth to a litter will produce feral offspring.

In the context of horses and horse breeds, semi-feral animals are those which are often untrained but usually owned by individuals. They are allowed to run in a natural state approaching that of wild conditions, but are periodically rounded up for assorted reasons, such as to wean foals, administer routine or emergency veterinary care, and so on. Truly feral horses, such as the American Mustang or Australian Brumby have domesticated ancestors, but generally have no human ownership and live in essentially wild conditions, though they may also occasionally be rounded up for various management purposes. A true wild horse can only be an animal without any domesticated ancestors. The only living, truly wild horse is the Przewalski's horse.

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