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Shadai Stallion Station

Shadai Stallion Station (社台スタリオンステーション Shadai Sutarion Sutēshon?) is a thoroughbred breeding facility located in Shiraoi on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. The farm was begun in the late 1970s, early 1980s by the late Zenya Yoshida and is now run jointly by his sons (Katsumi, Haruya and Teruya Yoshida), known collectively as the Shadai Group[1]. As of 2006, the brothers own 3,000 horses worldwide.[1] The farm houses stallions from Japan and many other countries and racing circuits.[2] The grounds also house a racing museum and tourist park called the Northern Horse Park and the Northern Farm Kuko, a large horse training and conditioning facility. The most recent high-dollar acquisition is War Emblem , who was bought for 17 million dollars in 2002 to replace Sunday Silence who died suddenly that year of a heart attack. He has been reluctant to breed, but is responding well to therapy and isolation from other males for the 2009 season.

Current Stallions[3]

  • Admire Cozzene
  • Admire Don
  • Agnes World
  • Chichicastenango
  • Daiwa Major
  • Dance in the Dark
  • Durandal
  • French Deputy
  • Fuji Kiseki
  • Gold Allure
  • Heart's Cry
  • Jungle Pocket
  • King Kamehameha
  • Kurofune
  • Lincoln
  • Manhattan Cafe
  • Neo Universe
  • Sakura Bakushin O
  • Special Week
  • Tanino Gimlet
  • Tokei Teio
  • White Muzzle
  • Zenno Rob Roy

Past Stallions

  • Allez Milord
  • End Sweep
  • Judge Angelucci
  • Lassalle


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