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Shepperton Stakes

Restricted race
Shepperton Stakes
Location Woodbine Racetrack
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Inaugurated 1976
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website www.woodbineentertainment.com
Race information
Distance 6.5 furlongs
Track Polytrack, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-olds and upward
(Ontario Sire Stakes program)
Weight Allowances
Purse $125,000

The Shepperton Stakes is a Canadian Thoroughbred horse race run annually in early August at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ontario. An Ontario Sire Stakes, it is a restricted race for horses age three and older. Raced on dirt over a distance of six and one-half furlongs on Polytrack, the Shepperton Stakes currently carries a purse of $125,000.

The race is named in honor of Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame inductee, Shepperton. Inaugurated in 1976 as a 7 furlong race at Greenwood Raceway, the following year it was modified to its present 6.5 furlongs and shifted to the Fort Erie Racetrack where it remained until 1981 when it was moved to Woodbine Racetrack.

In 2005, Sophia's Prince's winning time broke a forty-four-year-old track record.


Speed record: (Through 1998, Woodbine times were recorded in fifths of a second. Since 1999 they are in hundredths of a second)

  • 1:14.56 - Sophia's Prince (2005)

Most wins by an owner:

  • 2 - Bruno Schickedanz & John Hillier (1999, 2000)

Most wins by a jockey:

  • 7 - David Clark(1978, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1888, 1996, 2006)

Most wins by a trainer:

Winners of the Shepperton Stakes







2009 Drunken Love 4 Gerry Olguin Norman J. McKnight Tallyho Racing Ltd. 1:15.56
2008 Dancer's Bajan 4 Corey Fraser Robert P. Tiller 3 Sons Racing Stable 1:15.29
2007 Main Executive 5 Richard Dos Ramos Radlie Loney Bruno Brothers Farms 1:16.77
2006 Dave The Knave 4 David Clark Robert P. Tiller F. DiGiulio, Jr. & R. Tiller 1:30.55
2005 Sophia's Prince 6 Simon Husbands John LeBlanc, Jr. Joan Agro 1:14.56
2004 Krz Ruckus 7 Patrick Husbands Mike DePaulo New Venture Stable 1:16.37
2003 Forever Grand 4 Patrick Husbands Robert P. Tiller F. DiGiulio, Jr. & R. Tiller 1:17.10
2002 Runaway Love 5 Emile Ramsammy Abraham Katryan Brandon Brako St et al. 1:16.97
2001 Hopeful Moment 5 Slade Callaghan John LeBlanc, Jr. Racing 2000 & Partners 1:15.85
2000 One Way Love 5 Patrick Husbands Abraham Katryan B. Schickedanz & J. Hillier 1:15.45
1999 One Way Love 4 Patrick Husbands Michael Wright, Jr. B. Schickedanz & J. Hillier 1:16.41
1998 Deputy Inxs 7 Na Somsanith Audre Cappuccitti A. & G. Cappuccitti 1:16.40
1997 Love Grows 5 Robert Landry Roger Attfield Kinghaven Farms 1:17.00
1996 Jilin 4 David Clark John P. MacKenzie Greenoaks Farm 1:16.40
1995 King Ruckus 5 Todd Kabel Daniel J. Vella Frank Stronach 1:16.20
1994 King Ruckus 4 Todd Kabel Daniel J. Vella Frank Stronach 1:15.40
1993 D'Or Ruckus 5 Sandy Hawley Gordon Cowie J.B.S. Racing Stable 1:16.00
1992 Twist The Snow 6 Todd Kabel Angus McArthur Angus McArthur 1:15.80
1991 King Corrie 3 Richard Dos Ramos John A. Ross Aubrey W. Minshall 1:16.80
1990 Host Master 4 Sandy Hawley John Cirillo Arosa Stables 1:15.80
1989 Regal Intention 4 Jack Lauzon James E. Day Sam-Son/Windfields 1:16.60
1988 Highland Ruckus 3 David Clark Tony Mattine Linmac Farms 1:16.20
1987 Bold Executive 3 Larry Attard Gerry Belanger Romeo/Marcello/Pedigree 1:17.20
1986 Dance Corps 5 David Clark Glenn Magnusson Mr. & Mrs. C. Schwabe 1:17.40
1985 Archregent 4 Gary Stahlbaum Philip A. Gleaves Richard R. Kennedy 1:15.80
1984 Introspective 3 Jack Lauzon John J. Tammaro, Jr. Kinghaven Farms 1:16.60
1983 Fiddle Dancer Boy 5 David Clark James C. Bentley John B. W. Carmichael 1:17.20
1982 Juan de Fuca 4 Robin Platts Roger Attfield Norcliffe Stable 1:16.20
1981 Northern Regent 4 David Dennie Jerry G. Lavigne Torsud Stable 1:17.20
1980 My Only Love 3 David Clark Phil England Mrs. M. Sutherland 1:16.80
1979 Neara Round 4 Robin Platts J. Clark F. Vlahovic 1:17.00
1978 Viceera 3 David Clark Glenn Magnusson H. & L. Hindmarsh 1:18.00
1977 Lucky Conn 4 Hugo Dittfach Donnie Walker Conn Smythe 1:19.80
1976 Hopeful Answer 3 Gary Stahlbaum Frank Merrill, Jr. W. P. Gilbride 1:25.40



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