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Shevlin Stakes

Discontinued stakes race
Shevlin Stakes
Location Aqueduct Racetrack
Queens, New York
United States 1925-1945, 1947-1955
Belmont Park Elmont, New York (1946, 1956-1959)
Inaugurated 1925
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Race information
Distance 1 mile : 1925-1939
11/16 miles : 1940-1952
7 furlongs : 1953-1959
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Three-years-old
Weight Assigned

The Shevlin Stakes was an American Thoroughbred horse race for three-year-olds run at Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, New York and at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. The race on dirt was inaugurated in 1925 to honor the long service of James Shevlin, the President of the Queens County Jockey Club which operated Aqueduct Racetrack [1] who had died at age 82 on November 24, 1924 at his home in Brooklyn. [2]

There was no race run from 1933 through 1935.


Speed record:

  • 1:36.80 - Volitant (1959) (1 mile)
  • 1:42.80 - Jacomar (1940) (11/16 miles - race and track record)
  • 1:22.40 - Clem - (7 furlongs)

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

Most wins by an owner:







1959 Cedar Brook Jack Leonard Clyde Troutt Ada L. Rice 1:23.80
1958 Judge Ismael Valenzuela Clyde Troutt Ada L. Rice 1:23.00
1957 Clem Conn McCreary William W. Stephens Adele L. Rand 1:22.40
1956 Tick Tock William Boland Edward A. Christmas Howell E. Jackson III 1:23.80
1955 Gold Box Ted Atkinson John M. Gaver, Sr. Greentree Stable 1:23.40
1954 Quick Lunch Sidney Cole James E. Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable 1:23.60
1953 Hueso Basil James Sidney Jacobs Robert P. Levy 1:23.80
1952 Golden Gloves Nick Wall James E. Fitzsimmons Belair Stud 1:44.20
1951 Battlefield Ovie Scurlock Winbert F. Mulholland George D. Widener, Jr. 1:43.60
1950 Dooly Ted Atkinson Sylvester Veitch C. V. Whitney 1:46.20
1949 Colonel Mike Eddie Arcaro Eugene Jacobs Eugene Jacobs 1:45.20
1948 My Request Eddie Arcaro James P. Conway Ben F. Whitaker 1:45.80
1947 Blue Border Ted Atkinson John M. Gaver, Sr. Greentree Stable 1:46.20
1946 Hadrian not found Sarge Swenke Frank Frankel 1:44.00
1945 Wildlife Ted Atkinson Andy Schuttinger Joseph M. Roebling 1:45.80
1944 By Jimminy Ted Atkinson James W. Smith Alfred P. Parker 1:45.40
1943 Le Havre Ted Atkinson Thomas W. Murphy Helen Murphy 1:45.00
1942 Dogpatch Albert Schmidt Roy Waldron Milky Way Farm 1:44.40
1941 King Cole John Gilbert James E. Fitzsimmons Ogden Phipps 1:44.20
1940 Jacomar Irving Anderson Alex B. Gordon Elizabeth Graham Lewis 1:42.80
1939 Volitant Don Meade A. J. Goldsborough George Bull & John Morris 1:36.80
1938 Mythical King Kenneth McCombs Jack Howard Ben F. Whitaker 1:37.40
1937 Rudie Eddie Arcaro J. L. Donovan William H. Gallagher 1:38.80
1936 Gean Canach not found Robert A. Smith Brookmeade Stable 1:37.60
1935 no race
1934 no race
1933 no race
1932 Faireno Hank Mills James E. Fitzsimmons Belair Stud 1:38.00
1931 Sir Ashley not found James E. Fitzsimmons Belair Stud 1:38.80
1930 Mr. Sponge Jimmy McCoy Henry McDaniel Joseph E. Widener 1:37.40
1929 Jack High Linus McAtee A. Jack Joyner George D. Widener, Jr. 1:38.80
1928 Victorian Raymond Workman James G. Rowe, Jr. Harry Payne Whitney 1:40.00
1927 Sweepster Laverne Fator Sam Hildreth Rancocas Stable 1:37.20
1926 Macaw Linus McAtee James G. Rowe, Sr. Harry Payne Whitney 1:38.40
1925 Silver Fox Laverne Fator Sam Hildreth Rancocas Stable 1:38.00



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