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Shivraj Singh of Jodhpur

Shivraj Singh (born 30 September 1975), is the son of erstwhile Maharaja Gaj Singh and erstwhile Maharani Hemlata Rajye, daughter of the late Raja Shivratan Deo Singh of Poonch and H.R.H. Princess Nalini Rajye Lakshmi of Nepal in Dehra Dun. He has a sister who was born on 22 August 1974, Shivranjani Rajye.



Shivraj was educated at Mayo College in Ajmer, then moving on to Eton College[citation needed], where he played polo for Eton. After leaving Eton, Shivraj went studied at Oxford Brookes University, where he received a degree in Business Administration. After graduating from university, Shivraj worked with the Schroder's Bank of Geneva and London and Jadine in Hong Kong before returning home. He is now involved in the business of managing the palace hotel group which includes Umaid Bhawan, Bal Samand, Sardar Samand, and various festivities and functions involving the Jodhpur Royal Family[citation needed].

Polo career

Shivraj is an avid polo player and a known face in Delhi high society, where he stands out for both his royal lineage and striking good looks. He is primarily responsible for training the Jodhpur polo team, which is now one of the best polo teams in the world[citation needed]. Shivraj is widely referred to as Indian polo's poster boy.

Rambagh accident

He suffered a serious head injury during a Birla Cup match at the Rambagh Polo Ground in February 2005. Shivraj slipped into coma and was rushed to the SMS Hospital after he lost consciousness. Shivraj’s horse ran into another player’s horse when they were both chasing the ball. Fellow player Vishal Singh recalled that, "Shivraj and I were chasing the ball when I asked him to turn and clear the way for my shot. But as soon as he turned, his horse ran into rival player Sameer Chaudhary." At this, the polo pony stumbled and fell to the ground, crushing Shivraj beneath it. Doctors attending on Shivraj at the hospital said there was a clot in his brain and he may require surgery. On February 21 Shivraj was taken to Mumbai for treatment at Tata Hospital. He remained in a coma well into March 2005, although the doctors successfully performed surgery on him. Shivraj survived a similar accident three years prior to this.[citation needed]

Eleven months later, he had recovered enough to speak in short sentences and move about in a wheelchair. His first public appearance since the accident was at his father's 58th birthday party held on the Baradari Lawns on January 13, 2006; however, he watched from his balcony. Shivranjani Raje told reporters he is active and rehabilitating with the help of an American occupational physiotherapist. He can reportedly walk with some assistance.


He got engaged [1] to Princess Gayatri Kumari from the royal family of Askot in Uttaranchal on March 10, 2010. It was a quiet ceremony that took place at the Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, in the presence of Shivraj's father, Maharaja Gaj Singh II, mother Hemlata Rajye and elder sister Princess Shivranjini Rajye amongst other close family members. Gayatri, who is in her late twenties, is studying computer graphics and animation.


  • Rawal Tribhuwan Singh Rathore Barmer (Member of Barmer Royal Family)


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