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Siciliano indigeno

The Siciliano Indigeno is a breed of horse from Sicily resulting for the admixture of Oriental and African Horses, with the contribution of African Horses being the greatest. Spanish and Norman horses also contributed to the formation of the Breed

Area of origin: Val Demone (Nebrodi) Val Di Mazzara (Madonie and Palermo area) , Agrigento Province, Val Di Noto (Syracuse and Ragusa and Iblei Mountains)

Height at the withers : Stallions: 155-160 cms Mares: 153-158 cms Chest Circumference Stallions: 178-185 cms Mares: 175-187 cms Cannon bone circumference 18-21 cms

The horse is well represented with perhaps 8,000 specimens living in Sicily today. The Siciliano Indigeno is also being used by mounted regiments of the Carabinieri police force, as it is an ideal cavalry horse[1]. The breeding association has declared that only horses born in Sicily will be considered for registration as “Siciliano Indigeno”. This policy virtually guarantees that the horse will not become of International or even national significance, as it will be impossible to breed outside of Sicily. This is perceeved by the breed's admirers as an unfortunate decision, because the animals are considered beautiful and useful. [2]


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