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Singapore Derby

Group 1 race
Singapore Derby
Location Kranji Racecourse
Inaugurated 1880
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website Singapore Turf Club
Race information
Distance 2000 meters (1.24 miles / 10 furlongs)
Track Grass, left-handed
Qualification Four-year-olds
Weight Colts & Geldings 57 kg.
Fillies 55.5 kg.
Purse S$1,000,000

The Singapore Derby is a Thoroughbred horse race held annually in mid July at Kranji Racecourse in Singapore. Contested on turf over a left-handed course, the domestic Group One race is run over a distance 2000 meters (1.24 miles / 10 furlongs) and is open to four-year-old horses only.

Inaugurated in 1880 at the Serangoon Road Race Course at Farrer Park, it was raced there until 1910 at which time it was cancelled. The Singapore Derby was revived in 1959 under the auspices of the Singapore Turf Club and hosted by the Bukit Timah Race Course through 1999 when the track was closed to be replaced by the new Kranji Racecourse.

Since 1959 the race has been contested at various distances:

  • 2413.5 meters  : 1959-1965, 1968, 1970–1975
  • 2425.38 meters : 1966
  • 2011.25 meters : 1967, 1969
  • 2400 meters (about) : 1976
  • 2400 meters : 1977-1997
  • 2000 meters (about) : 1998
  • 2000 meters : 1999 to present

At the time the race was modified to its present distance of 2000 meters in 1998, the conditions were also changed, making it open to four-year-old domestic horses only. These residency conditions are specified on the Singapore Turf Club website


Speed record: (at current distance of 2000 meters)

  • 2:01.1 - Par Excellence (1999)

Most wins:

  • 2 - November Sun (1968, 1969)
  • 2 - Feu vert (1985, 1986)
  • 2 - Courtline Jester (1995, 1996)

Most wins by an owner:

  • 5 - Auric Stable (1970, 1975, 1990, 1995, 1996)

Most wins by a jockey:

  • 3 - Johnny L. Wilson (1963, 1972, 1975)

Most wins by a trainer:

  • 9 - Ivan W. Allan (1972, 1974, 1976, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986)

Winners since 1959






2008 Top Spin Noel Callow Laurie Laxon Lim's Stable 2:02.2
2007 Lim's Prestige Din Azis Stephen Gray Lim's Stable 2:03.3
2006 Our Falstaff † Robbie Fradd Patrick Shaw Kantor & Nestadt Stable 2:07.5
2005 Hello and Goodbye John Powell Bruce Marsh Naga Mas Stable 2:10.2
2004 Dreyfuss Shane Dye Laurie Laxon Oscar Racing Stable 2:08.2
2003 Lead to Victory Larry Cassidy Charlie Read Our Stable 2:05.7
2002 Smart Bet Larry Cassidy Mohd Yusof Smart Bet Stable 2:04.0
2001 Bocelli Grant Cooksley Patrick Busuttin Fairdeal Stable et al. 2:02.8
2000 All The Way Darryll Holland Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin Racing 2:03.2
1999 Par Excellence Saimee Jumaat Malcolm Thwaites Fairdeal Stable 2:01.1
1998 Ouzo Saimee Jumaat Malcolm Thwaites Eres Tu No. 2 Stable 2:13.3
1997 Peak Of Perfection XI Ismadi Ismail Malcolm Thwaites Lucky Stable 2:29.3
1996 Courtline Jester Oo Khuang Liang Henry Tan Auric Stable 2:28.4
1995 Courtline Jester M. S. Suhaimi Teh Choon Beng Auric Stable 2:29.7
1994 Noble Spirits Oscar Chavez Mohd Yusof Goh & Goh Stable 2:35.2
1993 Lee's Bid S. Y. Leong Yashaiya Bin Ahmad Nikko Stable 2:37.0
1992 Peak Of Perfection X Ronald Woodworth Malcolm Thwaites Lucky Stable 2:30.9
1991 Brixton Town † Rick Dominguez R. Ang SME Stable 2:39.6
1990 Man Of Honour V G. Hall Teh Choon Beng Auric Stable 2:30.7
1989 Istanbul A. John Malcolm Thwaites Taj Stable 2:31.5
1988 Grand Illusion Leslie Khoo Charlie Read Redcap Stable 2:35.0
1987 Chinese Wall Grant Cooksley W. Chua Tan Sri Stable 2:28.7
1986 Feu vert K. C. Ng Ivan W. Allan Ace-In-The-Hole Stable 2:29.7
1985 Feu Vert K. C. Ng Ivan W. Allan Ace-In-The-Hole Stable 2:33.8
1984 Win-Em-All Jimmy Bleasdale S. H. Lee Coronation Stable 2:27.6
1983 Andermatt Jimmy Bleasdale Ivan W. Allan Equus Stable 2:31.4
1982 Timber Tycoon S. Sairi G.E. West Golden Arrow Stable 2:38.4
1981 Grand Harvest T. G. Autridge Ivan W. Allan Lee Ah Seong 2:34.5
1980 Vaaron Larry N. Francis Ivan W. Allan Upali Stable 2:31.3
1979 Saas Fee Lester Piggott Ivan W. Allan Equus Stable 2:30.1
1978 Regal Tan Larry G. Olsen Teh Choon Beng Goodman Stable 2:37.6
1977 Batu Karang R. Rajoo D. Tan Tong Stable 2:33.8
1976 Suspicion Terry Lucas Ivan W. Allan No Expense Stable 2:37.4
1975 Tien An Mun Johnny L. Wilson Teh Choon Beng Auric Stable 2:34.4
1974 Dilettante G. S. Sng Ivan W. Allan Dillettante Stable 2:31.6
1973 Showgirl V L. F. Harbridge C. M. Tulloh Shaw Stable 2:41.0
1972 Jumbo Jet Johnny L. Wilson Ivan W. Allan Lee Ah Seong 2:31.0
1971 Forest Jim J. J. Miller Teh Choon Beng Income Kongsi 2:39.0
1970 Keep Going Glynn M. Pretty Rinus van Breukelen Auric Stable 2:36.6
1969 November Sun Garnet Bougoure Rinus van Breukelen MC Stable 2:06.6
1968 November Sun Garnet Bougoure Rinus van Breukelen MC Stable 2:40.4
1967 Gambalan L. Kang K. Y. Lee Sultan of Pahang 2:17.0
1966 Grenadier Alan J. Trevena Rinus van Breukelen Ng Loong Kee 2:32.4
1965 Oleander III Keith G. Moxham S. K. Tjoa Pil Stable 2:32.4
1964 Moviegoer Frank G. Moore C. M. Tulloh Shaw Stable 2:31.4
1963 Dark Romance II Johnny L. Wilson M. Sullivan Winning Stable 2:30.6
1962 Amsterdam Moses Lee K. R. Daniels Latin Stable 2:38.2
1961 White Heather M. J. Posner John Rodgers H. Cowling 2:35.0
1960 Marksman Arthur F. Ward K. R. Daniels AP Stable 2:30.0
1959 Flying Dragon Moses Lee John Rodgers M/M Loh Chin 2:38.0

  • † 2006 winner Our Falstaff was originally registered as Falstaff.
  • † 1991 winner Brixton Town was originally registered as Tamanaco



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