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Singapore Gold Cup

Group 1 race
Singapore Gold Cup
Location Kranji Racecourse
Inaugurated 1924
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website Singapore Turf Club
Race information
Distance 2200 meters (1.37 miles)
Track Grass, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-olds & up
Weight Handicap
Purse S$1,350,000

The Singapore Gold Cup is a Thoroughbred horse race held annually at the end of November at Kranji Racecourse in Singapore. Contested on turf over a left-handed course, the domestic Group One race is run over a distance 2200 meters (1.37 miles) and is open to domestic horses age three and older.

The Singapore Gold Cup follows the Kranji Mile and the Raffles Cup as the third leg of the Singapore Triple Crown.

Inaugurated in 1924 at the Serangoon Road Race Course at Farrer Park, it was raced there until 1933 at which time it was moved to the new Bukit Timah Race Course. It remained there through 1999 when the Bukit Timah facility was closed to be replaced by the new Kranji Racecourse.

In 1958, Abdul Mawi became the first local jockey to win the Gold Cup. In 2008, El Dorado won the event, making him the first ever Japanese-bred horse trained in Singapore to win a Singapore Group 1 race.

Since to 2002, the race has been closed to international entries. The residency conditions are specified on the Singapore Turf Club website

As a result of World War II, there was no race run from 1942 through 1947.

Since inception the race has been contested at various distances:

  • 2011.25 meters : 1924-1931, 1933–1935, 1948, 1965–1968
  • 2011.25 (about) : 1936-1941, 1948, 1953–1964
  • 2044.19 meters : 1949-1952
  • 2212.375 meters : 1969-1975
  • 2200 meters : 1976 to present
  • 2414 meters : 1932


Speed record: (at current distance of 2200 meters)

  • 2:12.5 - Zatopek II (1996)

Most wins:

  • 3 - Three Rings 1954, 1956, 1957)

Most wins by an owner:

  • 5 - Zatopek II (1974, 1977, 1985, 1991, 1995)

Most wins by a jockey:

  • 3 - T. Farthing (1936, 1939, 1941)
  • 3 - Alan J. Trevena (1963, 1966, 1968)

Most wins by a trainer:

  • 9 - Ivan W. Allan (1973, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1989, 1990)







2009 El Dorado Ronnie Stewart Hideyuki Takaoka Big Valley Stable 2:14.8
2008 El Dorado Ronnie Stewart Hideyuki Takaoka Big Valley Stable 2:16.7
2007 Recast Opie Bosson Laurie Laxon Kings Stable 2:15.3
2006 Mr Line Jeff Lloyd Patrick Shaw Quartet Stable 2:17.5
2005 Terfel Soo Khoon Beng Daniel J. Murphy Daniel J. Murphy 2:18.1
2004 Raul † Mark du Plessis Laurie Laxon Perfectum Stable 2:20.3
2003 Zirna Mark du Plessis Malcolm Thwaites Westbury Stable 2:21.5
2002 Smart Bet Grant Cooksley Mohd Yusof Smart Bet Stable 2:19.4
2001 Kutub Frankie Dettori Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin Racing 2:15.1
2000 Kim Angel Mick Dittman John Meagher Kimmui's Stable 2:15.4
1999 Carry The Flag Brett Doyle Michael Kent Dragon Stable 2:15.1
1998 Three Crowns † S. Price Malcolm Thwaites Lucky Stable 2:22.3
1997 Lucky Treasure Oo Khuang Liang Malcolm Thwaites Lucky Stable 2:13.6
1996 Zatopek II Saimee Jumaat Malcolm Thwaites Eres Tu Stable 2:12.5
1995 Grand Jury Kim Clapperton Teh Choon Beng Auric Stable 2:13.5
1994 Lee's Bid S. Y. Leong Yashaiya Bin Ahmad Nikko Stable 2:14.9
1993 Navajo II Wayne Harris Malcolm Thwaites Eres Tu Stable 2:13.6
1992 Village Kid Thangaraju Asogan H. B. Lim Village Kid Stable 2:13.9
1991 Starman David Walsh Teh Choon Beng Auric Stable 2:14.2
1990 Danzadancer Rick Dominguez Ivan W. Allan Swettenham Stable 2:14.0
1989 Colonial Chief Oo Khuang Liang Ivan W. Allan Promise Stable 2:19.9
1988 Trend Defy A. John Malcolm Thwaites Shirley Yap 2:18.0
1987 Feu Vert K. C. Ng Charlie Read Ace-In-The-Hole Stable 2:16.9
1986 St Gallen Mark Sestich Charlie Read Equus Stable 2:14.7
1985 Best Bold Nigel Tiley Teh Choon Beng Auric Stable 2:18.9
1984 Big Chief Tony Cruz Ivan W. Allan Datuk Amar et al. 2:23.5
1983 Freedom Fighter II Graham Cook A. Buang Freedom Stable 2:21.0
1982 Siapa Rajah IV Terry G. Lucas Ivan W. Allan Amar Wee Hood Teck 2:17.3
1981 Taman Singapura Gerry Donnelly Ivan W. Allan Loh Pia Kee Stable 2:21.6
1980 Saas Fee John A. Murray Ivan W. Allan Equus Stable 2:16.5
1979 Bold Hunter C. H. Ooi Ahmad Bin A.Samad Sean Stable 2:18.9
1978 Saas Fee Noel G. Harris Ivan W. Allan Equus Stable 2:19.8
1977 Sir Toby M. L. Thomas Teh Choon Beng Auric Stable 2:21.8
1976 San Retta Terry G. Lucas Ivan W. Allan Redcap Stable 2:22.2
1975 Wonderful Surprise II M. C. Lam S. Osman Agasam Stable 2:19.2
1974 Man Of Courage II Johnny L. Wilson Teh Choon Beng Auric Stable 2:19.4
1973 Firebrand Des Coleman Ivan W. Allan TBL Stable 2:21.0
1972 Hard To Beat R. G. Kingston E. Donnelly Jacky's Stable 2:33.5
1971 Sungei Wang II Rod C.Dawkins M. Mansor D. & D. Chong Kok Lim 2:17.6
1970 Interest Johnny L. Wilson Eddie T. van Breukelen Joon Stable 2:18.6
1969 Katong Ocean Glynn M. Pretty Eddie T. van Breukelen Lucky Stable 2:17.8
1968 Moonbeam Alan J. Trevena Eddie T. van Breukelen Ng Khoon Khoon 2:09.4
1967 Columbo Court Subian Dalwee J. Donnelly Asiatic Stable 2:05.4
1966 Grenadier Alan J. Trevena Rinus van Breukelen L K Ng 2:14.8
1965 Grenadier L. G. Coles Rinus van Breukelen L K Ng 2:08.4
1964 Pulau Pangkor Sonny Lim Rinus van Breukelen Ng & Ng Stable 2:14.2
1963 Resquilleur Alan J. Trevena Eddie T. van Breukelen Veni Vici Stable 2:04.6
1962 Water Scout S. Khamis John Rodgers Salamat Stable 2:09.0
1961 Balkan Bambino C. O. Dragon K. R. Daniels Result Stable 2:11.0
1960 Rina N. L. McGrowdie K. R. Daniels L & T Stable 2:07.6
1959 Lord Arrogance D. L. Jones K. Y. Lee J. Schuyt 2:07.4
1958 Straits Code Abdul Mawi Rinus van Breukelen Mr & Mrs T H Teo 2:10.6
1957 Three Rings W. K. Camer John Rodgers E. J. Tan 2:08.8
1956 Three Rings D. G. Paterson John Rodgers E. J. Tan 2:16.2
1955 Bearer Bond Garnet Bougoure Rinus van Breukelen Mr & Mrs S K Foo 2:14.8
1954 Three Rings Harry McCloud John Rodgers E. J. Tan 2:05.4
1953 Mubarak Harry McCloud John Rodgers Salamat Stable 2:05.4
1952 Entertainment II C. M. Tulloh J. Spencer Entertainment II 2:08.2
1951 Red Carnation G. Woods C. Parker Mdm TH Oei 2:10.4
1950 Tara Street W. S. Bagby W. Lewis S C Wong et al. 2:08.8
1949 Longchamps II E. Donnelly M. van Breukelen M/M Yeo Hock Seng 2:09.2
1948 Leoda W. T. Lawler T. Fox L. Melville Thompson 2:10.0
1941 Grand Prix T. Farthing M. van Breukelen Mr. Eddie 2:07.2
1940 Mystic Music F. C. Mayo T. Menzies Mrs T. Menzies 2:09.8
1939 Cooltipt T. Farthing M. van Breukelen Mining Kongsi 2:12.0
1938 Golden Glimpse W. L. White N. Hobbs O. Struges 2:07.0
1937 Blue Peter G. Woods T. Fox T. Fox & F. Handley 2:05.6
1936 Cockpen T. Farthing J. Duval A. van Tooren 2:07.6
1935 Bestlot E. H. Dawson G. Magill Mac Kongsi 2:07.6
1934 Fiesole W. Christie M. van Breukelen M. van Breukelen 2:10.0
1933 Row Boat C. O. Davies W. Redfearn Anam Kongsi 2:09.0
1932 Punkawalla William Irvine M. van Breukelen Teoh Kon Moh 2:38.4
1931 Lightarmed C. V. Whalan J. Duval Alan Loke 2:10.6
1930 Abbot's Gift E. Donnelly J. Duval H. Helling 2:09.4
1929 Cafe Royal G. Robinson P. Logue Sultan of Perak 2:07.2
1928 Millicent F. C. Mayo J. Orchard T. Memzies 2:14.4
1927 Barbara Godolphin B. Hayes E. Bowden A. Dick 2:11.4
1926 Sultan T. C. Thompson T. Woodgate Alan Loke 2:04.4
1925 Bonnie Friend A. W. Sleigh W. Redfearn I. Ellison 2:13.6
1924 Alan L. Jack Manning Alan Loke Alan Loke nf
1924 Thelasocrete A. Heterick A. Heterick JM Stable 2:05.6

  • † 2004 winner Raul was originally name Devil's Gossip.
  • † 1998 winner Three Crowns was originally name Interval.



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