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So You Want To Be A Smithy

Today's Farrier trade, although it had its roots in the past, is a far cry from the traditional "Blacksmith" of colonial America and pre-industrial Europe.  Unlike smiths in the past, who's work included making and repairing farm tools, the modern farrier focuses on hoofcare and horseshoeing.


Since routine farrier work is mainly hoof trimming and shoeing and can sometimes include dealing with diseased or injured feet, the modern farrier 's job is part smith and part veterinarian.

In the United States of America, the government does not regulate farrier certification, unlike some European countries.  Three different organizations of professional Farriers exist in the U.S.  The American Farrier's Associan (AFA) the Brotherhood of Working Farriers (BWFA) and the Guild of Professiional Farriers (GPF) all offer programs in which farrier examinations are conducted by a panel of peers. After showing professional competence in technical skills and practical knowledge, and taking into consideration experience and other factors, a formal credential can then be obtained. Some  associations require their members to obtain several hours of continuing education yearly in order to keep their accreditation.

Many colleges and universities offer farrier courses and there are several excellent Farrier Schools that offer classes for the beginner, advanced and journeyman farrier. A certificate of completion is always good for business advertising purposes.

Prices for formal education may start at about $1,800.00 for a two week basic course and prices rise from there. A 36 week course offers a full spectrum of classroom and lab coursework in Farrier Science.


(The following schools are suggestions only and not endorsed by WikiHorseWorld)


Oklahoma Horseshoeing School – Purcell, OK



PacificCoast Horseshoeing School LLC – Plymouth, CA



Troy Price Horseshoeing School - Uniondale IN



Meredith Manor – Waverly, WV



MontanaStateUniversityFarrierSchool – Bozeman, MT



Texas Horseshoeing School – ScurryTX



Premier Equine Classifieds


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