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Sorority Stakes

Grade III race
Sorority Stakes
Location Monmouth Park Racetrack
Oceanport, New Jersey, United States
Inaugurated 1956
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website Monmouth Park Racetrack
Race information
Distance 6 Furlongs
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Two-year-old fillies
Weight Assigned
Purse $100,000

The Sorority Stakes is an American Thoroughbred horse race held annually during the first week of September at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport, New Jersey. A Grade III event open to two-year-old fillies, it is contested on dirt over a distance of six furlongs.

The Sorority Stakes is one of the official prep races for the Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies. [1]


Speed record:

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

  • 3 - Ben W. Perkins, Jr. (2000, 2001, 2002)

Most wins by an owner:







2009 Truth and Justice Joe Bravo Kelly J. Breen Hall, George and Lori 1:09.99
2008 Selva Eddie Castro David M. Carroll Alexander & Groves 1:10.63
2007 A Little Gem Jose Lezcano Steve Margolis Martin L. Cherry 1:11.72
2006 Our Fantene Eddie Castro Cathal Lynch Gunsmith Stables 1:10.45
2005 Keeneland Kat Stewart Elliott Kelly J. Breen George & Lori Hall 1:11.23
2004 Queens Plaza Stewart Elliott Thomas M. Bush Candy Stables 1:11.73
2003 Feline Story Jose C. Ferrer Stanley M. Hough E. Paul Robsham 1:10.93
2002 Wild Snitch Eibar Coa Ben W. Perkins, Jr. New Farm Stable 1:11.09
2001 Forest Heiress Dale Beckner Ben W. Perkins, Jr. New Farm Stable 1:11.61
2000 Stormy Pick Jose C. Ferrer Ben W. Perkins, Jr. Raymond Dweck 1:10.96
1999 Sister Fiona Joe Bravo Martin D. Wolfson Cloverleaf Farm II, Inc. 1:09.60
1998 Appealing Phylly Chuck C. Lopez Thomas R. Bowden J. Brojas 1:10.20
1997 Unky And Ally Jose Martinez, Jr. Peter Fortay Dennis A. Drazin 1:11.40
1996 Annie Cake Herb McCauley Virgil W. Raines Anderson Fowler 1:11.60
1995 Crafty But Sweet Nick Santagata Robert Barbara Rosee Moira et al 1:10.80
1994 Stormy Blues Julie Krone Flint S. Schulhofer H & D Stable 1:11.00
1993 Cat Attack Robbie Davis David Monaci Lillian Durst 1:11.40
1992 Hollywood Wildcat Fabio Arguello, Jr. Emmanuel Tortora Irving & Marjorie Cowan 1:10.80
1991 Fluttery Danseur Martin Pedroza Brian A. Mayberry Siegel family 1:10.60
1990 Good Potential Earlie Fires Thomas F. Proctor Glen Hill Farm 1:11.40
1989 Fuerza Robert Colton Robert W. Camac Gerard Gallo 1:11.60
1988 Divine Answer Rick Wilson John F. Mazza C. & K. Lenz 1:11.80
1987 Blue Jean Baby Chris McCarron D. Wayne Lukas Eugene V. Klein 1:10.20
1986 Delicate Vine Gary Stevens Robert J. Frankel Jerry Moss 1:09.60
1985 Lazer Show Chris Antley Don Winfree James J. Devaney 1:10.40
1984 Tiltalating Pat Valenzuela D. Wayne Lukas Eugene V. Klein 1:10.80
1983 Officer's Ball Craig Perret LeRoy Jolley Peter M. Brant 1:11.80
1982 Singing Susan Bill Passmore Bernie Bond Robert Quinichett 1:11.60
1981 Apalachee Honey Michael Morgan Tim Muckler Dan Muckler Stables 1:12.40
1980 Fancy Naskra Larry Snyder Jerry Calvin James Q. Thomas 1:12.00
1979 Love Street Jorge Tejeira Gordon R. Potter Dan Lasater 1:11.40
1978 Mongo Queen Wayne Rice Clyde Rice George Roboski 1:10.60
1977 Stub Ron Turcotte James E. Picou Marge Schott 1:11.20
1976 Squander Angel Cordero, Jr. John W. Russell Ogden Mills Phipps 1:10.80
1975 Dearly Precious Michael Hole Stephen A. DiMauro Richard E. Bailey 1:10.40
1974 Ruffian Jacinto Vasquez Frank Whiteley, Jr. Locust Hill Farm 1:09.00
1973 Irish Sonnet Braulio Baeza Budd Lepman Crown Stable 1:10.40
1972 Sparkalark Angel Cordero, Jr. LeRoy Jolley Chance Hill Farm 1:11.00
1971 Brenda Beauty Robert Woodhouse Robert Lake Birchfield Farm 1:10.00
1970 Forward Gal Frank Iannelli Warren A. Croll, Jr. Aisco Stable 1:11.60
1969 Box the Compass Jacinto Vasquez Thomas J. Kelly Brookmeade Stable 1:12.00
1968 Big Advance Braulio Baeza Edward A. Neloy Wheatley Stable 1:11.00
1967 Queen of the Stage Braulio Baeza Edward A. Neloy Ogden Phipps 1:10.00
1966 Like A Charm Jorge Velasquez Warren A. Croll, Jr. Mrs. W. A. Croll, Jr. 1:12.60
1965 Native Street Manuel Ycaza Les Lear Albert I. Savin 1:10.40
1964 Bold Experience Robert Ussery Casey Hayes Meadow Stable 1:09.60
1963 Castle Forbes Bill Hartack William C. Winfrey Wheatley Stable 1:11.60
1962 Affectionately Ismael Valenzuela John W. Jacobs Ethel D. Jacobs 1:10.00
1961 Batter Up Hedley Woodhouse James Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable 1:12.00
1960 Apatontheback Ray Broussard Clyde Troutt Ada L. Rice 1:11.60
1959 Evening Glow Howard Grant Bert Mulholland Mrs. G. D. Widener, Jr. 1:12.20
1958 Mommy Dear Sam Boulmetis, Sr. C. W. Parish Circle M Farm 1:13.40
1957 Bridgework Eric Guerin George M. Odom Mrs. Anson A. Bigelow 1:12.80
1956 Marullah William Boland S. J. Smith John S. Kroese 1:10.40



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