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"Airs" Above The Ground to Affirmed Handicap
Affluent (horse) to Anthony Nathan de Rothschild
Anthony S. Black to Ballysax Stakes
Balmerino (horse) to Blue Bonnets (raceway)
Blue Book (racing) to Buying A Quarter Horse
Buying A Thoroughbred Horse to Charles P. B. Taylor
Charles Pahud de Mortanges to Corey Black
Corey Nakatani to Denny Cordell Fillies Stakes
Depth Charge (horse) to Edgar S. Prado
Edgemere Handicap to Equisetum palustre
Equitana 2002 to Fly mask
Flying Childers to General Stud Book
Generous (horse) to Growise Champion Novice Chase
Grullo to Heroes Handicap Hurdle
Heroic (horse) to Horseracing in the United Kingdom
Horses to Jane Engelhard
Jane Gregory to Julie Krone
Julien Leparoux to Large Animal Veterinarians
Larry Attard to Luke Currie
Luke Kruytbosch to Melbourne Racing Club
Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival to Nakayama Grand Jump
Nakayama Racecourse to Old Billy
Old Coaly to Philadelphia Park Racetrack
Philip Astley to Prix Thomas Bryon
Prix Vanteaux to Reuben Jones
Reveller to Saddle blanket
Saddle blankets to Shoe boil
Shoe studs to Star Shoot
Star Shoot Stakes to Tempted Stakes
Ten Broeck to Torrance Fleischmann
Torrance Watkins to Virginia Oaks
Virginia highlander to Wintergreen (horse)
Wirral Endurance Ride to ┼Żemaitukas


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