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Spendthrift Farm

Spendthrift Farm is a thoroughbred race horse breeding farm in Lexington, Kentucky. It was founded by Leslie Combs II and named for the great stallion, Spendthrift, who was owned by Combs' ancestor, Daniel Swigert of Elmendorf Farm. Spendthrift was the great-grandfather of Man o' War.


Famous History

In 1966, Majestic Prince was foaled at Spendthrift, bred by Combs. The famous son of Raise A Native later was returned to the farms and died there in 1981.

In 1979, the great Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew was retired to stud and stood at Spendthrift until 1987.

In 1984, Queen Elizabeth II visited Spendthrift Farms to view not only Seattle Slew but also Affirmed as possible studs for her stable of thoroughbreds containing 22 broodmares.

Burial Site

Along with being a breeding facility in the 1960's and 70's, several important racehorses are buried at the farm. These include, Nashua, Never Bend, Prince John, Raise A Native, Gallant Man, Caro, and Valdez.

Stallion Roster

As of 2009, the current stallion roster is Action This Day, Don't Get Mad, Into Mischief (new for 09'), Malibu Moon, Notional (new for 09'), Teton Forest, and Tiz Wonderful (new for 09').[1]

Plaut v. Spendthrift Farm

The 1995 United States Supreme Court case Plaut v. Spendthrift Farm, Inc. arose from a securities fraud lawsuit against the farm relating to its 1983 public offering of stock.


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