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Sporting Life (newspaper)

The Sporting Life was a British newspaper published between 1859 and 1998 that was best known for its coverage of horse racing. Latterly it has continued as a multi-sports website.

Originally starting life in 1859, The Sporting Life became a daily newspaper in 1883, and then in 1886 it acquired its rival - Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle (est. 1822) - dubbing itself "the oldest sporting paper in the world".

The paper continued publication until May 1998, when it was merged with Racing Post. A proposed relaunch as a sports newspaper was aborted in 1999.

On 20 December 1996, before the newspaper arm closed, Sporting Life launched an online version of the paper - sportinglife.com. The site was run as a joint venture between Trinity Mirror and The Press Association until PA Sporting Life Ltd was sold to 365 Media Group[1] (then known as ukbetting plc, now a division of British Sky Broadcasting) on 14 October 2001.

Based in Leeds, the site continues to thrive to this day as part of 365 Media Group's sports content network. It is run by a dedicated team of sports journalists covering football, racing, cricket, golf, tennis, rugby union, rugby league, F1, snooker, greyhound racing, boxing and NFL. The site is known for the speed of delivery of sports news, scores and results.

It also as a online update of Racing results 5 minutes after the race has finished

The Sporting Life newspaper was said to be the late Queen Mother's favourite paper. Eccentric racing pundit, John McCririck was a journalist on the paper and later wrote a column for the website.

A US paper of the same name ran from 1883 to 1917 and from 1922 to 1924.

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