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Stabenfeldt International

Stabenfeldt International is a Norwegian children’s publishing company that operates three direct-mail book clubs targeting young adults and kids. The clubs include TL, a “teen” girls’ club, BOING, a boys’ soccer club, and PONY, a club about horses and ponies for kids and teens. Stabenfeldt's clubs currently maintain a presence in eight European countries. PONY is the only club to run in the U.S as well as Europe. While PONY in the U.S. supports other horse-interest organizations, such as the U.S. Pony Club,[1] it has no direct affiliation with and receives no financial support from any specific stable, riding school or equestrian society. Stabenfeldt frequently employs well-known equestrian photographer Bob Langrish [2][3] and publishes authors such as Joanna Campbell, Jenny Hughes,[4] Sharon Siamon,[5] and Angela Dorsey.[6][7]


In 1913, Nils Stabenfeldt established a small printing house in Norway for sardine can labels. In order to fill the free capacity of the printing machines, Nils Stabenfeldt began printing and publishing books around 1920. At first, only local literature was published, but by the end of World War II, Stabenfeldt had begun printing war literature and Bibles. The company then expanded into comics in 1953, and continued on to publish in total 74 different comic series titles throughout the next 47 years. However, the comic series market stagnated and declined in the 1970s, and the company once again remodeled itself. In 1982, Stabenfeldt discovered horses. Penny (Norwegian for Pony), a comic magazine based on girls and horses, was launched, and Pennyklubben (Norwegian for Pony Club) followed shortly after.

In 1984 the Stabenfeldt family sold the publishing house to Dreyer AS. Boing, and a comic magazine for boys interested in football (soccer, in the US), was born. The company again changed hands in 1987, this time to Bongskonsernet, who established TL Klubben, a book club for preteen and teen girls. The success of the three clubs took the business overseas. In 1995, the company was sold to Swedish entrepeneur Alf Tönnesson who also owns International Masters Publishers [8], known as IMP.

The Stabenfeldt motto: Creating Unique Moments for Kids

From 1995 to the current day, markets have been established in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, The United States, Czech Republic, and Hungary.


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