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Stable Master

A Stable Master or Head Groom is the manager in charge of a stable.

At large horse establishments there may be several grooms under the management of the stable master.

In a professional establishment the head groom usually has complete responsibility for the horses including devising training schedules, choosing feeds for optimum nutrition and ensuring the horses are shod, wormed, inoculated and provided with timely veterinary care.

In a private residence the stable master has these responsibilities and must also accommodate the riding schedules of the employer’s family and, if necessary arrange for lessons and training. The stable master must insure that a groom is ‘on call’ during specified hours in case any members of the employer’s family wish to ride. The stable master is also responsible for the special needs of aged and retired horses, and usually for the maintenance and overall appearance of the stables. The stable master may or may not report to a steward or estate manager.

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