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Stephen Bradley (equestrian)

Medal record
Pan American Games
Gold 2003 Fair Hill Team eventing
Gold 2007 Rio de Janeiro Team eventing

Stephen Bradley is an internationally successful rider in the equestrian sport of eventing. He has competed internationally since 1989, with great achievements including a place on the US Eventing Team at the Barcelona Olympic Games, and in 1993 he became only the second American to have won the prestigious Burghley Horse Trials.

Bradley had a bad fall at the 1992 Rolex Kentucky Three Day, but returned to competition the following year with several impressive wins.

Some of his best horses include Brandenburg’s Joshua, Sassy Reason, Dr. Dolittle, and Fröm

Homepage: http://www.stephenbradleyeventing.com



  • 2nd Jersey Fresh CCI*** (From)


  • 1st Poplar Place Advanced Horse Trials


  • 1st Foxhall Cup CCI*** (Brandenburg's Joshua)


  • 1st Southern Pines Horse Trials
  • 3rd Poplar Place Farm March Horse Trials


  • 13th Rolex Kentucky CCI**** (From)
  • Team Gold at the Pan American Games (Brandenburg's Joshua)


  • 1st Rolex Kentucky Three Day CCI*** (Dr. Dolittle)


  • Equestrian Athlete of the Year by the US Olympic Committee
  • 1st Checkmate International Horse Trials CCI***


  • 52nd Barcelona Olympic Games (Sassy Reason)
  • 1st Checkmate International Horse Trials CCI***


  • 1st Checkmate International Horse Trials CCI***


  • Combined Training Horseman of the Year by the Chronicle of the Horse
  • 9th for the U.S. Combined Training Association Horseman of the Year award


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