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Stock tie

A stock-tie, or stock, is a white tie worn around the neck of a competitor riding in an equestrian event. It is required in fox hunting, dressage, and the dressage phase of eventing, and is also seen in show jumping. It is always worn with a pin (usually plain and gold, although fancier pins are also seen), stuck through the knot or just below the knot.

The stock is traditionally used in the hunt field as a safety measure: in case of injury, the tie can be used as a temporary bandage for a horse's leg or sling for a rider's arm. It is also useful in keeping rain or wind out of the rider's collar.They are often worn by riders along with a shadbelly.

Off the hunting field, the stock tie was a formal tie worn in the 19th century by gentlemen. These old stock ties were often black or white, made of gauze, fine cotton or silk. The stock tie was sometimes starched or otherwise reinforced to be stiff around the neck: with the chin forced up, the wearer was thought to look more important and formal. Stocks buckled or hooked up the back and sometimes had bows or ruffles attached to the front.


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