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Sun Chariot Stakes

Group 1 race
Sun Chariot Stakes
Location Rowley Mile
Newmarket, England
Inaugurated 1966
Race type Flat / Thoroughbred
Sponsor Kingdom of Bahrain
Website Newmarket
Race information
Distance 1 mile (1,609 metres)
Track Turf, straight
Qualification Three-years-old and up
fillies & mares
Weight 8 st 13 lb (3yo);
9 st 2 lb (4yo+)
Purse £200,000 (2009)
1st: £113,540

The Sun Chariot Stakes is a Group 1 flat horse race in Great Britain which is open to thoroughbred fillies and mares aged three years or older. It is run on the Rowley Mile at Newmarket over a distance of 1 mile (1,609 metres), and it is scheduled to take place each year in late September or early October.

The event is named after Sun Chariot, the winner of the Fillies' Triple Crown when all three races were staged at Newmarket in 1942. The Sun Chariot Stakes was established in 1966, and it was initially restricted to three-year-old fillies only. Its distance was originally set at 1 mile and 2 furlongs.

When the present system of race grading was introduced in 1971, the event was classed at Group 2 level. It was opened to older fillies and mares in 1974. Its distance was cut to a mile in 2000, and it was promoted to Group 1 status in 2004.

The Sun Chariot Stakes is currently held on the final day of Newmarket's three-day Cambridgeshire Meeting, the same day as the Cambridgeshire Handicap.



Most successful horse (2 wins):

  • Free Guest – 1984, 1985

Leading jockey (6 wins):

  • Lester PiggottPopkins (1970), Cheveley Princess (1973), Swiss Maid (1978), Topsy (1979), Snow (1980), Home on the Range (1981)

Leading trainer (6 wins):

  • Luca CumaniFree Guest (1984, 1985), Infamy (1987), Red Slippers (1992), One So Wonderful (1997), Kissogram (1998)

Leading owner (3 wins):

  • Budgie Moller – Popkins (1970), Cheveley Princess (1973), Topsy (1979)
  • Sheikh MohammedIndian Skimmer (1988), Red Slippers (1992), La Confederation (1994)








1966 Lucaya 3 Jimmy Lindley Bill Elsey David Aykroyd
1967 Cranberry Sauce 3 George Moore Noel Murless John Hornung
1968 Hill Shade 3 Sandy Barclay Noel Murless George Pope, Jr.
1969 Lucyrowe 3 Duncan Keith Peter Walwyn Louis Freedman
1970 Popkins 3 Lester Piggott Harry Wragg Budgie Moller 2:13.30
1971 Hill Circus 3 Geoff Lewis Noel Murless George Pope, Jr.
1972 Sleat 3 John Gorton Bruce Hobbs David Wills 2:12.50
1973 Cheveley Princess 3 Lester Piggott Harry Wragg Budgie Moller 2:15.30
1974 Sweet Farewell 3 Pat Eddery Sir Hugh Nugent C. G. St. Lawrence 2:08.70
1975 Duboff 3 Willie Carson Barry Hills Mrs C. Radcliffe 2:04.00
1976 Ranimer 3 Alfred Gibert Peter Head Sir Robin McAlpine 2:08.50
1977 Triple First 3 Greville Starkey Michael Stoute Raymond Clifford-Turner 2:01.75
1978 Swiss Maid 3 Lester Piggott Paul Kelleway Max Fine 2:09.99
1979 Topsy 3 Lester Piggott Harry Wragg Budgie Moller 2:09.79
1980 Snow 3 Lester Piggott Kevin Prendergast M. Fraser 2:07.10
1981 Home on the Range 3 Lester Piggott Henry Cecil Louis Freedman 2:06.06
1982 Time Charter 3 Billy Newnes Henry Candy Robert Barnett 2:06.83
1983 Cormorant Wood 3 Steve Cauthen Barry Hills Bobby McAlpine 2:05.81
1984 Free Guest 3 Darrel McHargue Luca Cumani M. Boffa 2:06.59
1985 Free Guest 4 Pat Eddery Luca Cumani Fittocks Stud 2:01.97
1986 Dusty Dollar 3 Willie Carson Dick Hern Maktoum Al Maktoum 2:06.45
1987 Infamy 3 Ray Cochrane Luca Cumani Gerald Leigh 2:08.61
1988 Indian Skimmer 4 Michael Roberts Henry Cecil Sheikh Mohammed 2:05.44
1989 Braiswick 3 Gary Carter Geoff Wragg White Lodge Stud 2:05.79
1990 Kartajana 3 Walter Swinburn Michael Stoute HH Aga Khan IV 2:03.05
1991 Ristna 3 Willie Carson John Gosden George Strawbridge 2:03.47
1992 Red Slippers 3 Frankie Dettori Luca Cumani Sheikh Mohammed 2:08.01
1993 Talented 3 Willie Carson John Dunlop Peter Goulandris 2:09.61
1994 La Confederation 3 Kevin Darley David Loder Sheikh Mohammed 2:05.60
1995 Warning Shadows 3 Kevin Darley Clive Brittain Marwan Al Maktoum 2:04.91
1996 Last Second 3 George Duffield Sir Mark Prescott Faisal Salman 2:02.84
1997 One So Wonderful 3 John Reid Luca Cumani Helena Springfield Ltd 2:02.38
1998 Kissogram 3 John Reid Luca Cumani Helena Springfield Ltd 2:05.94
1999 Lady in Waiting 4 Jimmy Fortune Paul Cole Pegasus Racing Ltd 2:09.72
2000 Danceabout 3 Darryll Holland Geoff Wragg Bloomsbury Stud 1:38.79
2001 Independence 3 Kieren Fallon Ed Dunlop Cliveden Stud 1:38.79
2002 Dress to Thrill 3 Pat Smullen Dermot Weld Moyglare Stud Farm 1:35.67
2003 Echoes in Eternity 3 Jamie Spencer Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin 1:35.39
2004 Attraction 3 Kevin Darley Mark Johnston Duke of Roxburghe 1:36.27
2005 Peeress 4 Kevin Darley Sir Michael Stoute Cheveley Park Stud 1:38.81
2006 Spinning Queen 3 Michael Hills Barry Hills Marston / Cavendish 1:38.83
2007 Majestic Roi 3 Darryll Holland Mick Channon Jaber Abdullah 1:37.83
2008 Halfway to Heaven 3 Seamus Heffernan Aidan O'Brien Tabor / Smith / Magnier 1:35.41
2009 Sahpresa 4 Ted Durcan Rod Collet Douglas McIntyre 1:34.40


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