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Sundsvall Open Trot

Group One International race
Sundsvall Open Trot
Location Bergsåker Racetrack, Sundsvall,
22x20px Sweden
Inaugurated 1996
Race type Harness race for standardbred trotters
Race information
Distance 2,140 meters (1.33 mile)
Track Left-handed 1,000 meter track (0.62 mile)
Qualification Age 3 and up. At least SEK500,001 (≈US$78,000) earned
Purse ≈US$273,000

Sundsvall Open Trot is an annual Group One harness event for trotters that is held at Bergsåker Racetrack in Sundsvall, Sweden.[1][2] Sundsvall Open Trot has taken place since 1996. In 2008, the purse of the event was approximately US$273,000 (SEK1,750,000).[3][4]


Racing conditions

Every edition of Sundsvall Open Trot has been over 2,140 meters (1.33 mile). The race is started by the use of auto start.[5]

Past winners

Horse with most wins

Drivers with most wins

  • 2 - Åke Svanstedt
  • 2 - Örjan Kihlström[5]

Trainers with most wins

  • 2 - Åke Svanstedt[5]

Winner with lowest odds

Winner with highest odds

  • Winning odds: 62.50 - Giant Superman (2007)[5]

Fastest winner

  • 1:11.6 (km rate) - Triton Sund (2008)[5]

All winners of Sundsvall Open Trot





Odds of winner

Winning time (km rate)

2008 Triton Sund Jörgen Sjunnesson Stefan Hultman 5.57 1:11.6
2007 Giant Superman Fredrik B. Larsson Fredrik B. Larsson 62.50 1:12.7
2006 Giant Diablo Örjan Kihlström Roger Walmann 10.39 1:12.5
2005 Spring Ray Björn Goop Håkan Olofsson 6.77 1:12.7
2004 Infant du Bossis Örjan Kihlström Stefan Melander 5.49 1:12.0
2003 Gidde Palema Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt 1.23 1:13.5
2002 Victory Tilly Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson 1.07 1:12.1
2001 Victory Tilly Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson 1.27 1:12.2
2000 Victory Tilly Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson 1.92 1:12.7
1999 Remington Crown Joseph Verbeeck Jan Kruithof 2.65 1:13.0
1998 Zoogin Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt 1.72 1:14.6
1997 Scandal Play Bo Eklöf Lars Marklund 9.13 1:13.5
1996 His Majesty Torbjörn Jansson Annelie Henriksson 9.12 1:13.6



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