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Surrey (carriage)

File:Red DX Surrey.jpg
Surrey-style quadricycle built by the International Surrey Company

A surrey is a horse-drawn, four-wheeled, two-seated pleasure carriage with an open spindle seat. The name comes from Surrey, the county in southern England where it was first built.[citation needed] It resembles a cabriolet but has a straight or nearly straight bottom, sometimes cut under. Originally English, it was introduced into the United States in 1872.

The term is also used for various types of quadracycle, and an early motor vehicle resembling a surrey in design.

It was famously celebrated in the song "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top" from the musical Oklahoma!.

In the UK, a pedal-Surrey may be better known when referenced as a "Chuckle mobile" after TV's "Chuckle Brothers", children's comedians who famously used such a vehicle as their mode of transport for most episodes of their TV show.


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