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Tattersalls Park

Tattersalls Park
Elwick Racecourse
Location Glenorchy, Tasmania
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Owned by Tasmanian Racing Club
Date opened 1874
Course type Flat
Notable Races Hobart Cup

Tattersalls Park (also known as:Elwick Racecourse) is a Thoroughbred horse-racing venue located on Goodwood Road within Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia. It is located in close proximity to the Brooker Highway, the Hobart Showground, the Derwent Entertainment Centre and the Derwent River. The Racecourse has a picturesque outlook across the river, as well as being dominated by views of Mount Wellington. Elwick features at least 110 race meetings and 210 trial days a year, but is most famous for hosting the Hobart Cup.

Tattersalls Park is an approximately egg shaped anti-clockwise circuit with four straight starting lengths, and seven starting positions. These are located at 800m, 1000m, 1200m, 1600m, 2200m, and 2400m. The 2200m start is to the left of the pavilion, meaning the horses pass the crowd at the beginning of the race, and is the start position for the Hobart Cup.


Race meets have been conducted at the site since the late 19th century, which was first leased by the TRC in 1874, and later bought by them. Elwick had already developed into a popular venue by the 1880's.

Until the early 1980's there was a drive-in cinema located within the track. The declining popularity of this form of entertainment led to its removal, although nostalgists have called for its return, although this seems unlikely for commercial reasons.

In 2004 the Tasmanian Government undertook a controversial $AU20 million redevelopment of the venue. The redevelopment involved the construction of a new 970 metre long, 19 metre wide harness track and a 700 metre long and 6 and a half metre wide track for greyhounds, as well as a redevelopment of the heritage listed grandstand, new bookmakers area. Lawned areas sweep down to the mounting ring, birdcage and the enclosures. Three public lounges and two dining areas are present in addition to members' facilities.

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