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Tennessee Derby

Defunct Stakes race
Tennessee Derby
Location Memphis Fairgrounds
Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Inaugurated 1884
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Race information
Distance 1 1/2 miles (1884-1886),
1 1/8 miles (1890-1906)
Track Dirt
Qualification Three-year-olds
Weight Assigned
Purse Variable ($625 - 9,440)

The Tennessee Derby was an American Thoroughbred horse race that was run annually from 1884–1886 and then 1890-1906 at the Montgomery Park racetrack located on the Memphis Fairgrounds in Tennessee. The Tennessee Derby rivaled the Kentucky Derby at the time for prestige and purse money, but was not reinstated after a gambling ban took effect in 1907.[1] Kentucky Derby winners Joe Cotton and Agile also won the Tennessee Derby.








1884 Ten Strike Yetman Walter B. Jennings 2:48.25 625
1885 Joe Cotton Erskine Henderson James T. Williams 2:42.75 800
1886 Jim Gray Nash Turner Gray & Co. 2:44.00 755
1890 Robespierre S. Francis George V. Hankins 2:00.00 1,790
1891 Vallera Tommy Britton Scoggin Bros. 2:00.00 2,090
1892 Tom Elliott Tommy Britton J. M. Brown 2:03.75 1,940
1893 Calhoun Kunze John E. Cushing & Mr. Orth 2:04.50 2,490
1894 Jamboree J. Davis Dr. E. F. McLean 2:09.25 4,125
1895 Fandango Willie Martin Mr. Orth 1:59.25 3,950
1896 Berclair Charles A. Thorpe Dr. E. F. McLean 1:55.75 4,125
1897 Buckvidere R. Williams Abe Cahn 1:56.25 4,125
1898 Lieber Karl Thomas H. Burns John W. Schorr 1:57.75 4,120
1899 May Hampstead Nash Turner Hedley & Norton 1:57.75 6,260
1900 Florizar Clyde Van Dusen Hiram J. Scoggan 2:00.00 4,895
1901 Royal Victor James Winkfield T. P. Hayes 1:57.00 5,360
1902 Abe Frank Willie Coburn George C. Bennett 1:57.50 4,550
1903 Claude J. Daly Michael J. Daly 1:58.50 5,625
1904 Proceeds Arthur Helgesen Samuel S. Brown 2:02.50 4,730
1905 Agile Jack Martin Samuel S. Brown 1:58.00 8,885
1906 Lady Navarre Thomas H. Burns Charles R. Ellison 1:56.25 9,440



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