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The Animal Communicator - SAGE

Sage is an "old soul". She has been around forever in one body or another, according to Lydia Hiby, an Animal Communicator

The first thing that Sage wanted to talk about was her foal. She told Lydia that he was OK now. Huh?, I thought. I thought he was always OK. No, He didn't move for a long time and Sage thought he was dead. He's fine now. Sage wanted to know if we were going to keep the foal or sell him. Either was OK with her, but she wanted to know. I told her that we were keeping him, as I had never sold a horse! Sage told me that when people come over to see the baby, she would like to be cleaned up.

Sage told Lydia that she like to "mother" things. She told Lydia that there was a sorrel mare that really wanted to have a baby. The sorrel mare was located across a fence.

Aside: Sage is a lead mare and always has taken in the weaker horses and protected them. I gave her JR and Salty to raise and she has done a fine job with them.

We took in a boarder mare for a while. She became the lead mare and was so adamant about being the lead mare, that I was afraid she would take away Sage's baby. So, for about the first month of little Kodak's life, the boarder horse was kept in the adjoining pasture...full of anguish while she watched the baby.

Next Sage wanted to talk about her health. She told Lydia a few times that she had good kidneys. She was adamant about stressing that she had good kidneys. She then went on to detail all her other internal body parts were fine.

Aside: I haven't rode Sage much since she got pregnant. The last time I didn't ride her for an extended period of time was during our saddle fitting nightmare. I was certain for a long time that I had injured her kidneys while riding in Competitive Trail Riding. I gave her almost a year off at that time and then started riding her again. Perhaps she thinks that I'm not riding her because of her kidney?

Sage also told us that her left front foot was starting to act strange...Lydia said, possibly like laminitus. Sage also said that there are things going wrong with her back teeth.

Sage us way past due to have her feet trimmed. It's green grass time. This was very scary. I'm preparing the dry lot and the farrier is coming on Friday. I have an equine dentist scheduled for May, and Sage will be included, even though she was seen last October.

Sage asked a question about a Sport Horse. Was she going to be bred to another stallion to produce a Sport Horse? Huh!? Then it dawned on me. I have found a very athletic fox trotter stallion. I am hoping that the product between Sage and theis stallion would produce a foal capable of doing flying lead changes. I asked if she was OK with having another foal. She replied in the affirmative.I told her that this was a young stallion who hadn't been with any other mares...was that OK. Again, she replied in the affirmative. I can handle him.

I told Lydia that your first horse going through the levels in PNH were like sacrificial lambs. The learning journey was hard on the first horse. Lydia explained this concept to Sage...and Sage laughed! She has seen horses with really hard lives. Her life has been great. She didn't suffer and doesn't need to be retired as a big thank you!

HUH! I thought!

Lydia told Sage about Velvet going to be a mother. Sage first said, "THAT WITCH! That witch is going to have a baby!?" Sage was laughing so hard that she had to lay down and have a big belly laugh. Lydia told me that she has heard many animals laugh, but seldom do they laugh so hard that they have to lay down and do a belly laugh.

Sage told us that she wasn't going to help Velvet during her pregnancy!

Evidentially, there isn't a lot of love between the two mares! Lydia told me that Sage fit her perfectly in color as well as personality. I told her that I had changed her name because it didn't fit. What was her name? TRIXIE! I replied. Lydia agreed, Sage is NOT a Trixie! When the interview started, Lydia knew Velvet and she asked how old was Sage and how long had I had her. At no time had I ever mentioned the fact that she had a foal running along side her!


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