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The Black Stallion Returns

The Black Stallion Returns
1983 poster
Directed by Robert Dalva
Produced by Francis Ford Coppola(exec. producer)
Fred Roos
Tom Sternberg
Written by Walter Farley (novel)
Jerome Kass
Richard Kletter
Narrated by Hoyt Axton
Starring Kelly Reno
Vincent Spano
Teri Garr
Music by Georges Delerue
Cinematography Carlo Di Palma
Editing by Paul Hirsch
Studio Zoetrope Studios
Distributed by United Artists
Release date(s) 1983
Running time 103 min.
Country 22x20px United States
Language English
Preceded by The Black Stallion
Followed by The Young Black Stallion

The Black Stallion Returns is a 1983 film adaptation of the book of the same name by Walter Farley, and is a sequel to The Black Stallion. It is directed by Robert Dalva and produced by Francis Ford Coppola. The movie stars Kelly Reno, Vincent Spano and Teri Garr. The portrayal of The Black was shared between Cass Ole, the horse from The Black Stallion, and El Mokhtar.



The story begins with several odd occurrences at the farm where the stallion (and Alec (Kelly Reno), the human protagonist of the story) live. A suspicious barn fire is followed by the stallion being taken. From the point of view of Ishak (Ferdy Mayne), the sheik who took him, this is property retrieval; the horse was originally his. Although informed the horse is being returned to his owners, Alec did not want to lose his best friend and the one who saved his life, escapes from the ropes that Ishak's men put on him. Remembering what he had said about where he was heading, goes after the sheik and the horse, stowing away in a plane.

Once in Morocco, after being found on the plane, Alec strolls around the stable and ends up making some friends from the stable who takes him to a man who is very interested in the stallion and the sheik, allows Alec to go with him and his companion. But a flat tire makes them abandon Alec in the desert. He is found by another truck and hops on. On the truck, he meets Raj (Vincent Spano) with whom he learns that his stallion will probably appear in "The Great Race." While attempting to retrieve the stallion, Alec is apprehended by Ishak's men. Alec pleads his case to Ishak, who is sympathetic but does not intend to give up the horse. Ishak plans to race the stallion in the "Great Race" with his granddaughter Tabari (Jodi Thelen) as jockey. Alec insists the race will only be won if he, not Tabari, rides the horse. Denied the position, he tries to coach Tabari in riding the stallion, but the stallion throws her off. Just as she is about to get on his back again, the rogue tribe shows up, Alec and the Black are captured. The Black and Alec later escape into the night with the rogue tribe shooting their guns at their retreating form. Ishak and his people find them later, safe and as a reward for the safe return of their stallion, Alec is allowed to ride The Black in the race.

Alec wins the race, then pleads with Ishak to allow his friend Raj to keep the horse that Raj rode in the race, despite the conditions that all of the losing riders forfeit their horses to the winning rider's sheik. Ishak grants the reprieve, which allows Alec to repay Raj for his kindness to him, much to Raj's joy.

Although Ishak has given Alec the horse freely, Alec decides to leave the horse in Morocco, where he feels the animal is more at home, which makes Ishak and his granddaughter very happy.


  • Kelly Reno as Alec Ramsay
  • Vincent Spano as Raj
  • Allen Garfield as Kurr
  • Woody Strode as Meslar
  • Ferdy Mayne as Abu Ben Ishak
  • Jodi Thelen as Tabari
  • Teri Garr as Alec's Mother
  • Hoyt Axton as Narrator (voice)

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