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The Wild Stallion

The Wild Stallion
Movie poster
Directed by Craig Clyde
Produced by Irwin Winkler
Starring Miranda Cosgrove
Danielle Chuchran
Connie Sellecca
Fred Ward
Robert Wagner
Paul Sorvino
Distributed by Myriad Pictures
Release date(s) October 6, 2009
Language English

The Wild Stallion is a film released straight to DVD in late 2009. It stars Miranda Cosgrove, Danielle Chuchran, Robert Wagner, Paul Sorvino, Connie Sellecca and Fred Ward. It will be distributed by Myriad Pictures.



The Wild Stallion is about a girl,(Miranda Cosgrove) who decides to photograph wild horses for a school project. After visiting a ranch and falling in love with the horses, the girl learns about illegal activities that might jeopardize the mustangs.


  • Miranda Cosgrove (as Hannah Mills)
  • Danielle Chuchran (as C.J.)
  • Fred Ward (as Frank Mills)
  • Connie Sellecca (as Mattie)
  • Robert Wagner
  • Paul Sorvino
  • K.C. Clyde
  • Carlisle Studer (as Lilly)
  • RaeAnn Christensen
  • Scotty Meek
  • Gib Gerard
  • Bob Lanoue (as Virgil)


  • "The Wild Stallion" is the film debut of Connie Sellecca's and Gil Gerard's son Gib Gerard
  • Original working title was "Last of the Mustangs".
  • The film should have been released in 2006 in theaters by Myriad Pictures but it was delayed until October 6, 2009.

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