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The Woodlands (race track)

Sign for the track in 2009

The Woodlands was a greyhound racing (and later horse racing) track at 9700 Leavenworth Road, Kansas City, Kansas from 1989 until 2008.


In 1986 Kansas voters permitted parimutuel betting.

The track opened in 1989 with considerable expectation with Kansas claiming it was the home of greyhounds with the National Greyhound Association operating in Abilene, Kansas which is also the location for the National Greyhound Hall of Fame.[1] It was the first legal gambling outlet in the Kansas City, Missouri area since the 1930's. However attendance spiked the second year with 1.7 million in 1990 and fell to less than 400,000 by 2000 as the track was subject to a series of scandals and competitive pressure.

In 1993 Missouri voters approved riverboat casinos and the boat casinos appeared on the Missouri side competiting for the gambling market

In 1995 Jorge Anthony Hughes, operator of Hughes Kennels at the track, was charged with selling illegal steroids at the track. Further revelations showed the track was not adequately testing or monitoring for steroid use.[2] In 1996 charges were made that employees were accepting illegal out of state bets from Florida.

It went into bankrruptcy in 1996. [3]

William M. Grace brought the track out of bankruptcy in 1998 by holding 85 percent of its mortgage.

However the problems continued. In 2002 the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission said that employees had stolen $200,000. Further, Richard J. Boushka, one of the original owners, was indicted in 2002 that he had falsified documents to get the $19 million in loans from Wichita banks to initially open the track.[4]

The track attempted unsuccessfully to get permission to operate slot machines.[5] Governor Bill Graves and Kathleen Sebelius both endorsed the proposal and the Wyandotte County government attempted to implement it by local law but the efforts were successfully challenged.[6]

Grace died in 2005 and his son Howard T. Grace closed the course effective August 24, 2008.[7]


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