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Thistledown Racecourse

Thistledown is a thoroughbred race track in North Randall, Ohio at the outskirts of the city of Cleveland. It is owned by Magna Entertainment Corporation.


History and Information

The track came under the regulation of the Ohio Racing Commission in 1931 when it was formed. The track is the home of the Ohio Derby, the only graded stakes race in Ohio.

The track races under the Ohio 7/7 Program which means that live racing is held at two locations in the state at the same time. During the summer Thistledown races seven races on a card and River Downs races the other seven. In September, Beulah Park takes over for River Downs. Ohio racing is dark January to March. The track has declined in recent years due to summertime competition and the lack of slot machines that neighboring tracks have.

In 2007, Thistledown's parent company, Magna Entertainment, announced that the racetrack was for sale. As a result of staggering losses in which Magna Entertainment reported net losses of $87.4 million in 2006, $105.3 million in 2005 and $95.6 million in 2004, and has an accumulated deficit of $393.8 million as of March 31, 2007, Magna Entertainment stated: "Accordingly, the company's ability to continue as a going concern is in substantial doubt and is dependent on the company generating cash flows that are adequate to sustain the operations of the business, renew or extend current financing arrangements and maintain its obligations with respect to secured and unsecured creditors, none of which is assured...". Once-thriving Thistledown, which hosts the $300,000 Ohio Derby, posted a pretax loss of $4.5 million in 2006.[1][2] Thistledown and parent company, Magna Entertainment, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Physical Attributes

The track has a one mile dirt oval. There is no turf course.


The track's premier race is the Grade III Ohio Derby. The track also hosts numerous overnight handicaps and minor stakes during its April to December racing season. Ungraded handicaps and stakes run in 2005 are:

  • The Bill's Fancy
  • The Angenora Stakes
  • The Wintergreen Handicap
  • The Mike Rowland Memorial Handicap
  • The Brent's Princess Stakes
  • The Pete's Buckeye
  • The J. William (Bill) Petro Memorial Handicap
  • The Merry Time Stakes
  • The Scarlet Carnation Stakes
  • The Isi Newborn Memorial Stakes
  • The Cleveland Gold Cup
  • The Rose DeBartolo Memorial Stakes
  • The George Lewis Memorial Stakes
  • The North Randall Stakes
  • The Cleveland Kindergarten Stakes
  • The King Glorious
  • The Miss Ohio Stakes
  • The Pert Near
  • The Ohio Debutante Handicap
  • The Loyalty Stakes
  • The Governor's Buckeye Cup
  • The Governor's Buckeye Cup
  • The Honey Jay Stakes
  • The Emerald Necklace Stake
  • The Mark Yagaour Stakes

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