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Tina Lund

Tina Lund (born 14th January 1981 in Dallas, Texas) is a professional show jumper living in Skævinge, Nordsjælland in Danmark

Tina Lund lives at Stutteri Lyngsholm in Nordsjælland with her father, former soccer player Flemming Lund and her mother. Here she trains and educates her family's competition horses. Tina gote her first pony when she was nine years old. It was a little grey category 3 pony, who was named Bolli. Tina Lund started with show jumping at the age of ten years, and holds a place in the Guinness world records as the youngest Danish Champion (11 yrs) ever.[1]

Tina Lund is 11 times Danish Champion, three times Nordic Champion, and one time European Champion for "young riders" (riders under the age of 21). She was also the most winning Danish rider in 2006, and today the only rider who ever accomplished to win the Nordic championship, Danish Championship and the European Championship at the same year.

Tina has also won two world cup qualifications; Mechelen in 2004 and Vigo in 2005 on the horse Andante as the first Danish rider, this qualified her for the World Cup final in Las Vegas 2005.[2]

Other achievements:

  • Sports name of the year in Denmark 2002
  • Danish Champion for senior riders on the horse Lanthanid 2005 og 2006. In 2007 she won on the horse Zamiro
  • Tina Lund finished her education at Handelsskolen in Hillerød 2002.
  • In 2009 she was named by the Danish gossip magazine Se & Hør as Denmark's most sexy woman
  • In October 2009 she performed for the first time as a singer with her first single at the Bavian Rock Show in Copenhagen
  • In 2009 she got her own national tv-show (series of 4 programs)broadcasted on the Danish channel "TV2". The show was a great success and had on average more than 600.000 viewers (very good in a small country as Denmark). The show was called "Tina Lund - Tæt på" (translated to English: Tina Lund - Close up).

Tina had her breakthrough as a celebrity in Denmark when she was pictured with little clothes in the man-magazine "M". After that she was invited to dance in the Danish version of "Dancing with the stars" (she came 2nd), and also some othe popular reality shows in Denmark.

On 5 October 2009 she came out with her first single "Take a Ride", as according to her was ment as a tribute to all the horse-girls. The single was a big hit and were played on several radio channels.


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