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Tokyo Derby

Domestic Grade I race
Tokyo Derby
Location Oi Racecourse, Shinagawa, Tokyo
Inaugurated 1955
Race type Thoroughbred Flat racing
Race information
Distance 2,000 meters (About 10 furlongs)
Track Dirt, Right-handed
Qualification 3-y-o
Weight colts & geldings 56kg / fillies 54 kg
Purse ¥76,500,000 (2007 Running)

The Tokyo Derby (東京ダービー) is a Japanese thoroughbred horse race on dirt track for three years old. It is run over a distance of 2000 meters (about 10 furlongs) at Oi Racecourse in the Shinagawa, Tokyo in June.

It was first held in 1955, at that time named Haru-no-Kura, meaning 'The Race of Spring race meeting', with a distance of 2000 meters. In 1964, its name was changed to Tokyo Metropolis Derby. In 1966, its name wae changed to Tokyo Derby.

Its distance has been changed three times. From 1955 to 1966, it was 2000 meters long, from 1967 to 1998, 2400 meters and after 1999, 2000 meters.

Winners since 2001





2001 Toshin Blizzard Takayuki Ishizaki Kenji Sato 2:07.5
2002 King Saviour Shinobu Sakai Hitoshi Yagi 2:08.0
2003 Naiki a Delight Takayuki Ishizaki Ryuichi Degawa 2:08.9
2004 Adjudi Mitsuo Takashi Sato Masayuki Kawashima 2:05.2
2005 Sea Chariot Hiroyuki Uchida Masayuki Kawashima 2:05.3
2006 B B Tornado Naoki Machida Eichi Takei 2:07.5
2007 Ampersand Keita Tozaki Takashi Ikeda 2:05.0


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