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The Tolfetano is a horse found in the "Monti della Tolfa" area north of Rome in the section of Maremma which falls within the modern region of Lazio. The horse is thought to represent the original version of the better known "Maremmano", before the introduction of thoroughbred blood in the Maremmano breed. According to some the Tolfetano derives from Mongolian horses that found their way into Italy following the hordes of Bulgarian Invaders that accompanied the Lombards in their conquest of the northern half of Italy. According to others it originated as a mixture of indigenous horses, barb horses and Spanish horses. whatever the origin the Tolfetano of today is a working horse, the favorite mounts of the local cowboys (called "Butteri" in Italian) in the "Maremma Laziale". Its physique is stockier than its Maremmano cousin and is well suited to carry weight. Most Tolfetanos stand 145 cms to 158 cms and have a cannon bone circumference of 20 cm

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