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Toronto Cup Stakes

Ungraded Stakes race
Toronto Cup Stakes
Location Woodbine Racetrack
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Inaugurated 1890
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website www.woodbineentertainment.com
Race information
Distance 1⅛ miles (9 furlongs)
Track Grass, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-olds
Weight Assigned
Purse $150,000

The Toronto Cup Stakes is a Canadian Thoroughbred horse race run annually on turf at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ontario. Run in early July, the race is open to Three-year-olds and is run over a distance of 1⅛ miles (9 furlongs) on turf.

Inaugurated in 1890 as the Toronto Cup Handicap at the Old Woodbine Racetrack, it was raced on dirt and open to older horses until 1935. From inception through 1898 it was raced at 1¼ miles, then from 1899-1934 at 1⅛ miles. There was no race in 1918 and 1919 and was suspended in 1935 then revived in 1953 restricted to three-year-olds and competed at a distance of 11/16 miles on dirt. Since 1958 the race has been run on the turf with the exception of 1968 when it had to be switched to the main dirt track. In 1987 the turf race was modified to its present 1⅛ miles except for 1994 when it was held at the Fort Erie Racetrack and run at its old 11/16 mile distance.

The race was run in two divisions in 1983, 1986, and 1999.


Speed record:

  • 1:47.00 - Skybound (1997) (at current distance of 1⅛ miles on turf)

Most wins by an owner:

  • 11 - Sam-Son Farm (1985, 1986, 1987, 1991, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007)

Most wins by a jockey:

  • 7 - Todd Kabel (2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)

Most wins by a trainer:

  • 7 - Mark Frostad (1997, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007)

Winners of the Toronto Cup Stakes






2009 Crown Isle Emma-Jayne Wilson John Charalambous Uphill Stable 1:48.86
2008 Secret Getaway Emma-Jayne Wilson Michael Stidham Sand and Cee Stables 1:52.54
2007 Windward Islands Todd Kabel Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:49.58
2006 French Beret Todd Kabel Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:51.03
2005 T.D. Vance Todd Kabel H. Graham Motion Courtlandt Farms 1:51.39
2004 Silver Ticket Todd Kabel Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:47.35
2003 Mobil Todd Kabel Mike Keogh Bruno Schickedanz 1:49.15
2002 Portcullis Slade Callaghan Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:47.98
2001 Strut The Stage Todd Kabel Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:47.91
2000 Think Red Todd Kabel Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:48.76
1999 Apalachian Chief Richard Dos Ramos James M. Dalton William A. Sorokolit, Sr. 1:47.22
1999 Zanetti David Clark James E. Day John R. Piconi 1:47.88
1998 Ragged Kingdom David Clark Josie Carroll Eaton Hall Farm 1:47.40
1997 Skybound Emile Ramsammy Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:47.00
1996 Ok by Me Cornelio Velasquez John B. Bond Rudlein Stable/Clifton Jr. 1:47.40
1995 All Firmed Up Robert Landry Daniel J. Vella Frank Stronach 1:49.40
1994 St. Clair Winger Robert King, Jr. Ann Kuti T. J. Molony 1:45.20
1993 Goes On Ray Sabourin W. Lawrence W. Clayton 1:47.60
1992 Beverlee Hills Doc Ray Sabourin Phil Gracey S & G Racing Stable 1:47.40
1991 Rainbows For Life Jack Lauzon James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:50.60
1990 Thunder Regent Sandy Hawley Vincent E. Tesoro Douglas Wilkinson 1:47.00
1989 Charlie Barley Robin Platts Grant Pearce King Caledon Farm 1:48.40
1988 Smart Lord Robin Platts Macdonald Benson Windfields Farm 1:47.00
1987 Duckpower Dave Penna James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:50.80
1986 Carotene Richard Dos Ramos David R. Bell Kinghaven Farms 1:44.40
1986 No Louder Jeffrey Fell James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:42.60
1985 Imperial Choice Irwin Driedger James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:42.60
1984 Hurontario Irwin Driedger Emile Allain Helen Stollery 1:42.20
1983 Kingsbridge Robin Platts John J. Tammaro, Jr. Kinghaven Farm 1:45.00
1983 Pax Nobiscum Dan Beckon Dinny Day Kingfield Farm 1:45.60
1982 Son of Briartic Paul Souter Jerry G. Lavigne Paddockhurst Stable 1:43.40
1981 Frost King Lloyd Duffy Bill Marko T. Smith & B. Marko 1:44.80
1980 Allan Blue Joey Belowus Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 1:44.00
1979 Coup de Chance Paul Souter Yonnie Starr Jean-Louis Levesque 1:42.40
1978 Lucky Colonel S. Sandy Hawley Donnie Walker Conn Smythe 1:43.40
1977 Strategic Command Jeffrey Fell Jerry C. Meyer Grovetree Stable et al. 1:43.80
1976 Military Bearing Avelino Gomez James C. Bentley J. D. Corcoran 1:43.00
1975 Mystery Time William Parsons Lyle O. Anderson S. Douglas 1:43.20
1974 Sam's Own William McMahon Jerry C. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. S. Shapiro 1:46.60
1973 Quil's Boy Sandy Hawley Jerry C. Meyer Shefry Farm 1:45.00
1972 Presidial John LeBlanc William Reeves Windfields Farm 1:44.00
1971 Speedy Zephyr Herb Hinojosa Les Lear Charles I. Rathgeb 1:42.60
1970 Croquemitaine Sandy Hawley Yonnie Starr Jean-Louis Levesque 1:42.80
1969 Jumpin Joseph Avelino Gomez Warren Beasley Warren Beasley 1:44.20
1968 Big Blunder James Fitzsimmons Arthur H. Warner Lanson Farm 1:44.20
1967 Gilmore Richard Grubb Roy Johnson Golden West Farm 1:55.80
1966 Ice Water Avelino Gomez Lou Cavalaris, Jr. Gardiner Farm 1:44.20
1965 Victorian Era Avelino Gomez Lou Cavalaris, Jr. A. Case 1:48.20
1964 Return Trip James Fitzsimmons Roy Johnson Golden West Farm 1:44.20
1964 Arctic Hills Herb Dalton W. Moorhead Vernon G. Cardy 1:44.20
1963 Belfort Donald Hale John Passero S. J. Santangelo 1:44.40
1962 Burnt Roman John R. Adams K. Nicholds Keane & Waggoner 1:48.00
1961 Recitatif John R. Adams Carl F. Chapman T. Davis, Jr. 1:48.60
1960 Hidden Treasure Al Coy John Passero William R. Beasley 1:44.80
1959 Anita's Son Hugo Dittfach Arthur H. Warner Lanson Farm 1:43.00
1958 Foxy Phil C. O'Brien Arthur H. Warner Lanson Farm 1:46.80
1957 Pink Velvet Ernie Warme John Passero William R. Beasley 1:45.00
1956 Censor Avelino Gomez Gordon J. McCann Winifred Taylor 1:47.00
1955 Momus L. Richards V. Scott North Downs Farm 1:45.00
1954 Queen's Own B. Albert Gordon J. McCann E. P. Taylor 1:44.60
1953 Navy Page Jose Vina Gordon J. McCann E. P. Taylor 1:44.40
1934 Hokuao Frank Mann Frank Gilpin W. I. Newmarch 1:52.20
1933 Broadway Lights J. Mattioli S. White T. McCarthy 1:52.40
1932 Tred Avon James H. Burke William Irvine Sylvester W. Labrot 1:55.60
1931 Frisius Anthony Pascuma George Tappen Belair Stud Stable 1:53.40
1930 Son O' Battle John Maiben Thomas H. McCreery J. Frederic Byers 1:52.00
1929 Sunfire R. Leonard Thomas J. Healey Richard T. Wilson, Jr. 1:51.60
1928 Sunfire John Callahan Thomas J. Healey Richard T. Wilson, Jr. 1:52.00
1927 Display Louis Schaefer Thomas J. Healey Walter J. Salmon 1:52.40
1926 Joy Smoke James H. Butwell William Irvine Edward F. Whitney 1:53.00
1925 Wilderness J. D. Moony J. Pryce Richard T. Wilson, Jr. 1:52.60
1924 Digit T. Wilson William H. Bringloe Seagram Stable 1:55.20
1923 Spot Cash F. Stevens James W. Healy Harry Payne Whitney 1:51.40
1922 Golden Sphere John McTaggart William H. Bringloe Seagram Stable 1:51.40
1921 My Dear Thomas Parrington Fred Musante Fred Musante 1:54.60
1920 Irish Kiss L. Morris Robert A. Smith Sunnyland Stable 1:52.60
1917 Runes Thomas Parrington J. Edwards Mirasol Stable 1:51.60
1916 Runes Thomas Parrington J. Edwards Mirasol Stable 1:52.40
1915 Kingly Eddie Ambrose Michael J. Daly Mizpath Stable 1:53.00
1914 Waterbass J. Smyth W. Martin A. Turney 1:52.00
1913 Horron Clarence Turner W. Martin A. Turney 1:52.60
1912 Star Charter Clarence Turner John F. Schorr John W. Schorr 1:52.60
1911 The Nigger Sweeney John Duffy T. R. Condran 1:52.00
1910 King James Carroll H. Shilling David J. Leary Sam Hildreth 1:53.80
1909 King James Guy Burns David J. Leary Sam Hildreth 1:56.00
1908 Clell Turney J. Bergen A. Lewis A. Turney 1:57.80
1907 Inferno R. McDaniel Barry Littlefield Joseph E. Seagram 1:52.60
1906 Minnie Adams Nicol F. Rector F. Cook 1:52.00
1905 Tongorder Eric Walsh John Dyment, Jr. Nathaniel Dyment 1:56.00
1904 Fort Hunter J. Walsh John Dyment, Jr. Nathaniel Dyment 1:55.75
1903 Claude M. Daly J. Daly Michael J. Daly 1:59.00
1902 Gold Cure Daugman Frank McCabe Joseph E. Seagram 1:58.00
1901 Sannazarro Jimmy Boland William M. Hayes William M. Hayes 2:02.25
1900 Martimas Ballard Ed Whyte William Hendrie 1:57.00
1899 Satirist McIntyre Charles Boyle Joseph E. Seagram 1:56.25
1898 Mazarine Willie Knapp not found Bennington et al. 2:11.25
1897 Tragedian Sullivan Charles Boyle Joseph E. Seagram 2:11.25
1896 Maurice Blake n/a W. M. Barrick 2:14.50
1895 Saragossa Willie Knapp J. R. Walker Joseph E. Seagram 2:10.00
1894 Saragossa A. Brooker J. R. Walker Joseph E. Seagram 2:17.50
1893 Copyright Doane Michael J. Daly Michael J. Daly 2:12.00
1892 Fenelon Carter J. Hanning J. W. Smythe 2:17.50
1891 My Fellow Wise D. Higgins D. Higgins 2:12.00
1890 Banjo Shauer B. Alcock William Hendrie 2:14.75

* In 1964 there was a dead heat for first.


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