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Modified triadan system

The Modified Triadan System is a scheme of dental nomenculature that can be used widely across different animal species. It has now gained wide acceptance and is used worldwide among veterinary surgeons.

Each tooth is given a three digit number.

The first number relates to the quadrant of the mouth in which the tooth lies.

Upper Right: 1
Upper Left: 2
Lower Left: 3
Lower Right: 4

If it is a deciduous tooth that is being referred to then a different number is used as below.

Upper Right: 5
Upper Left: 6
Lower Left: 7
Lower Right: 8

The second and third numbers refer to the location of the tooth from front to back (or rostral to caudal).

This starts at 01 and goes up to 11 for many species depending on the total number of teeth.

For diagrams of the modified triadan system in dogs see [1].

Below is a diagram of the modified triadan system in horses.

File:Triadan horse.gif
Modified Triadan System of Dental Nomenclature in the Horse.


  • Floyd MR. The modified Triadan system: nomenclature for veterinary dentistry. J Vet Dent 1991;8(4):18–19. [2]

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