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Triple Crown Trophy

The Triple Crown Trophy is very distinctive and made of silver. The Triple Crown trophy has come to represent the pinnacle achievement in horseracing. Commissioned in 1950 by the Thoroughbred Racing Association, artisans at the world-famous Cartier Jewelry Company were charged with creating more than a trophy, but a true work of art. The result was a three-sided vase, each face equally representing the three jewels of the crown, and beautifully capturing the spirit of horseracing's most sought after, and rarest, honor. The three sides are engraved with specific information from each of the three races; the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. Upon completion of the first trophy it was awarded to the 1948 Triple Crown Winner Citation. Each year thereafter, retroactive trophies were presented to the first eight winners of the Triple Crown in reverse order until all of the previous winners or their heirs were awarded.[1]

File:Triple crown three sided Trophy.jpg
Photo of Seattle Slew's "Triple Crown Trophy" on loan during a traveling display at Pimlico Race Course

Today the Triple Crown Trophy is a permanent trophy awarded to the winner with information pertaining to each race engraved on corresponding sides. When not on tour during the live running of the royal trio of races, the trophy is on public display at the Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.

In addition to the Triple Crown Trophy, winners of the Kentucky Derby are given the Kentucky Derby Trophy a solid gold trophy worth in excess of $90,000; winners of the Preakness Stakes are presented the Woodlawn Vase in a national TV ceremony and given a solid silver replica worth in excess of $30,000 for permanent possession and winner of the Belmont Stakes are presented the August Belmont Trophy and given a silver tray for their permanent possession. Only three colts have been awarded all four trophies in the same year, Secretariat (1973), Seattle Slew (1977) and Affirmed (1978).

Triple Crown Trophy winners

Year Crown Won

Winner's Name

Year Trophy Awarded

1919 Sir Barton 1957
1930 Gallant Fox 1956
1935 Omaha 1955
1937 War Admiral 1954
1941 Whirlaway 1953
1943 Count Fleet 1952
1946 Assault 1951
1948 Citation 1950
1973 Secretariat 1973
1977 Seattle Slew 1977
1978 Affirmed 1978



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