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Turf Classic Stakes finishers and starters

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Turf Classic Stakes, an American Grade 1 race for ages three and up at 1-1/8 miles (9 furlongs) on the turf held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.[1]

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2009 Einstein Cowboy Cal Court Vision 9
2008 Einstein Out of Control Ariste-Royal 7
2007 Sky Conqueror Brilliant Danzon 10
2006 English Channel Cacique Milk It Mick 10
2005 America Alive Meteor Storm Quest Star 10
2004 Stroll Sweet Return Mystery Giver 11
2003 Honor in War Requete Patrol 8
2002 Beat Hollow With Anticipation Hap 10
2001 White Heart King Cugat Brahms 8
2000 Manndar Falcon Flight Yagli 8
1999 Wild Event Garbu Hawksley Hill 7
1998 Joyeux Danseur Lasting Approval Hawksley Hill 8
1997 Always a Classic Labeeb Down the Aisle 8
1996 Mecke Petit Pouchet Winged Victory 11
1995 Romarin Blues Traveler Hasten to Add 12
1994 Paradise Creek Lure Yukon Robbery 7
1993 Lure Star of Cozzene Cleone 8
1992 Cudas Sky Classic Fourstars Allstar 12
1991 Opening Verse Itsallgreektome Pedro the Cool 11
1990 Ten Keys Yankee Affair Stellar Rival 5
1989 Equalize Yankee Affair Gallant Mel 8
1988 Yankee Affair Yucca First Patriot 10
1987 Manila Vilzak Lieutenant's Lark 4

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  1. 2009 The Kentucky Derby Media Guide, 135th Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs, page 262 on May 2, 2009.


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