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VIP Stable

VIP Stable is an American harness racing partnership group founded in 1999 by Ed O'Connor.

Ed O'Connor, a lifelong harness racing fan organized the initial horse ownership group in 1999 with a group of 4 investors by purchasing an untested horse named Aberdasher, who was developed into a stakes horse with 17 wins by trainer Greg Trotto.

Unlike thoroughbred racing where public syndicates are wide-spread, Harness Racing has a limited number of public partnerships (i.e. those open to the general public as opposed to private groups of often friends or family members). VIP Stable is one of the few harness racing partnerships to gain national promenance in the sport. It draws its members from all parts of the United States.

2006-2007 Growth VIP Stable has grown rapidly in terms of partners, horses, and influence in harness racing. During 2006 and 2007, VIP Stable has expanded to have divisions of the stable racing regularly in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

Stakes races won

  • 2007 Oil Burner Late Closer Series - won 2 divisions at The Meadowlands by both Captain Cambest and Decoupage
  • 2007 VA Is For Lovers LC Series Final at Colonial Downs by Quick Arrow N
  • 2007 Tompkins-Geers Stake at Tioga Downs by The Race Is On
  • 2007 New Jersey Sire Stakes at The Meadowlands by Just Desserts
  • 2006 Virginia O'Brien Series Final at Saratoga Raceway by Cameloft (VIP also owned 2nd place finisher Gemini Jon)
  • 2004 Virginia Harness Horsemen Stake at Colonial Downs by Meadowbranch Quip
  • 2004 Guy Smith Memorial at Plainridge Racecourse by Nature's Fury A
  • 2001 John Holland Memorial at Oak Ridge Racecourse by Exton setting track record (Aberdasher was 2nd)

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