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Valparaiso Sporting Club

Valparaiso Sporting Club is a thoroughbred horse race track in Viña del Mar, Valparaiso Region, Chile.

Horse Race Track

Valparaiso Sporting Club

Location Viña del Mar, Chile
Year opened 1882
Race type Thoroughbred
Website www.sporting.cl

Principal Races

Chilean Derby (Chi-G1)

Copa de Plata (Chi-G1)



Valparaiso Sporting Club was founded in 1882 by members of mostly British origin. Since 1885, it is the site of the Chilean Derby Stakes. Derby Day is considered the second biggest festival in Chile and regularly attracts attendances of up to 80.000 [1].

In 1920, Valparaiso Sporting Club was also the site of the South American Championship (soccer) final.

While it is situated in Viña del Mar, the track is named for the nearby city of Valparaiso, where most of the Clubs' founders lived. As the name suggests, the site also features playing fields for various other sports, such as Cricket, Soccer, Polo and Rugby.

Physical Attributes

Races are conducted on a left-handed turf course, about 2000 meters long.


Purses at VSC are lower than at the two Greater Santiago tracks, Hipodromo Chile and Club Hipico de Santiago, but considerably higher than at the provincial tracks Club Hipico de Concepcion and Club Hipico de Antofagasta. Several prestigious stakes races are run at Valparaiso.

2006 Major Stakes Schedule

Date Race (Clasico) Distance Age/Sex Grade
Fri Jan 6 Copa Jackson 1900m 3yo G2
Sun Feb 5 El Derby 2400m 3yo G1
Wed Mar 22 Ilustre Municipalidad de Viña del Mar 1500m 3+ G2
Wed May 3 El Estreno Nicanor Senoret 1300m 2yo G2
Wed May 31 Stud Book de Chile 1400m 2yo G2
Wed Jun 28 Copa de Plata - Italo Traverso 1500m 2yo G1

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