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Vandal Stakes

Restricted Stakes race
Vandal Stakes
Location Woodbine Racetrack
Toronto, Ontario
Inaugurated 1956
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website www.woodbineentertainment.com
Race information
Distance 6 furlongs
Track Polytrack, left-handed
Qualification Two-Year-Olds, foaled in Ontario
Weight Allowances
Purse $150,000

The Vandal Stakes is a Canadian Thoroughbred horse race run annually since 1956 at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ontario. Run in mid October, the sprint race is open to two-year-old horses and is contested over a distance of six furlongs on Polytrack synthetic dirt. It currently offers a purse of $150,000.

The Vandal Stakes was hosted by Fort Erie Racetrack from 1970 through 1985. In 1961, it was run in two divisions. Since inception in 1956 the race has been run at various distances:

  • 5 furlongs : 2006
  • 5.5 furlongs : 1956-1957, 1959, 1967
  • 6 furlongs : 1958, 1960, 1968-1969 1986-2005, 2007-present
  • 6.5 furlongs : 1962-1966, 1970-1985
  • 7 furlongs : 1961


Historical race notes

The great Northern Dancer finished second in the 1963 running of the Vandal Stakes but went on to win the following years Kentucky Derby. 1967 winner Dancer's Image also went on to win the Derby.


Speed record: (At current distance of six furlongs)

  • 1:09.64 - Ghost Fleet (2009)

Most wins by a jockey:

  • 9 - David Clark (1982, 1987, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008)

Most wins by a trainer:

Most wins by an owner:

  • 3 - Stafford Farms (1969, 1975, 1978)

Winners of the Vandal Stakes






2009 Ghost Fleet Todd Kabel Sid C. Attard Jim Dandy Stable 1:09.64
2008 Win and Reign David Clark Nicholas Gonzalez Hillsbrook Farms 1:10.88
2007 Stuck In Traffic David Clark Nicholas Gonzalez M.A.D. Racing Stables/Martha Gonzalez 1:10.01
2006 Leonnatus Anteas Jono Jones Kevin Attard Knob Hill Stable 0:59.86
2005 Edenwold David Clark Josie Carroll Jim & Alice Sapara 1:10.29
2004 Moonshine Justice Todd Kabel David Cotey D. Cotey, D. Ball, H. Galbraith 1:12.73
2003 Twisted Wit David Clark Robert P. Tiller Rolph Davis 1:13.37
2002 Wando Richard Dos Ramos Michael Keogh Gus Shickedanz 1:11.90
2001 Rare Friends David Clark Robert P. Tiller F. DiGiulio Jr. & R. P. Tiller 1:11.66
2000 San Mont Andreas Tyrone Harding Desmond Maynard Ronald P. Christman 1:12.12
1999 Swampster Robert Landry Roger Attfield Attfield & Libeau Jr. 1:11.23
1998 Catahoula Parish Ray Sabourin John A. Ross Jam Jar Racing Stable 1:11.60
1997 Nite Dreamer Emile Ramsammy Bill Marko Marcello/J.B.S. Stable/Stronach 1:10.60
1996 Air Cool David Clark Thomas R. Bowden Colebrook Farms 1:11.20
1995 Heavenly Valley Todd Kabel Daniel J. Vella Frank Stronach 1:12.60
1994 Tethra Dave Penna Michael J. Doyle Eaton Hall Farm 1:11.20
1993 Welbred Fred Dave Penna Glenn Magnusson David B. Seyler 1:11.80
1992 Dancing Deputy Don Seymour Michael P. DePaulo Peter DaCosta 1:11.20
1991 Marious David Clark Michael J. Doyle Eaton Hall Farm 1:12.40
1990 Waheed Larry Attard Gil Rowntree B. K. Y. Stable 1:12.00
1989 Ever Steady Don Seymour Roger Attfield Kinghaven Farms 1:10.20
1988 Harry Laric Robert King, Jr. Daniel O'Callaghan Hi-Lo Acres 1:11.60
1987 Highland Ruckus David Clark Tony Mattine Linmac Farm 1:11.40
1986 Fozzie Bear Larry Attard Tino Attard V. C. L. Farms/Spatafora 1:11.60
1985 Fred C. Dobbs Jeffrey Fell George Nemett Whispering Hills / Green 1:18.60
1984 Pre Emptive Strike Robin Platts Arthur H. Warner R. R. Kennedy & B. Cullen 1:17.20
1983 Archregent Hugo Dittfach Arthur H. Warner Richard R. Kennedy 1:17.80
1982 Haliburton Huskie David Clark Glenn Magnusson G. Vasey & Partner 1:19.00
1981 Son of Briartic Larry Attard Jerry G. Lavigne Paddockhurst Stable 1:20.20
1980 Moteral John Bell Emile M. Allain Langill/O’Connor/Willcocks 1:18.60
1979 Corvette Chris Lloyd Duffy Gerry Belanger Edward B. Seedhouse 1:18.40
1978 Port Master Robin Platts Gil Rowntree Stafford Farm 1:19.60
1977 Tikvah Avelino Gomez J. Bakos Mr. & Mrs. S. Shapiro 1:19.20
1976 Swain Gary Stahlbaum James C. Bentley Windfields Farm 1:20.00
1975 Ambassador, B. Robin Platts Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 1:19.00
1974 Colonel’s Clarion Jeffrey Fell N. Danysh E. Lieberman 1:21.20
1973 Trojan Bronze Robin Platts Glenn Magnusson A. B. Roks 1:17.80
1972 Happy Chant Robin Platts Frank Merrill, Jr. R. & N. Gian 1:19.80
1971 Gentleman Conn Sandy Hawley Jerry C. Meyer Willow Downs Farm 1:18.00
1970 Hook It Up Sandy Hawley D. M. Davis, Jr. Wolkin / Cooperman 1:16.80
1969 Tudor Queen Robin Platts Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 1:12.20
1968 Viceregal Richard Grubb Gordon J. McCann Windfields Farm 1:10.60
1967 Dancer's Image Richard Grubb Lou Cavalaris, Jr. Peter Fuller 1:05.40
1966 Pine Point Avelino Gomez Jerry C. Meyer Willow Downs Farm 1:17.60
1965 Stevie B. Good Nick Shuk B. Puccini E. C. Pasquale 1:18.80
1964 Good Old Mort Keith Robinson Jerry C. Meyer Edward B. Seedhouse 1:19.40
1963 Ramblin Road Ron Turcotte Gordon M. Huntley Gordon F. Hall 1:19 .00
1962 Sea Service Harlon Dalton Alfred I. Taylor D. G. Ross 1:18.80
1961 Princess Davelle Harlon Dalton D. M. Davis, Jr. Mrs. G. Holtsinger 1:29.60
1961 Wilcock Harlon Dalton D. M. Davis, Jr. P. Shawn 1:33.40
1960 Jammed Lucky Al Coy Yonnie Starr Conn Smythe 1:12.40
1959 Men at Play Al Coy Yonnie Starr C. Smythe & L. Maloney 1:05.80
1958 Rapid Break Eugene Rodriguez Gordon M. Huntley Gordon F. Hall 1:13.20
1957 Lady Yolande Chris Rogers Frank Seremba Yolande Seremba 1:06.20
1956 Myanna Vic Bovine Richard Townrow Shermanor Farm 1:07.40



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