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Victoria (carriage)

File:Victoria carriage1.jpg
A "panel-boot" Victoria, with a drop-down front bench (Ellwood House, DeKalb, Illinois)

The victoria was an elegant French carriage, possibly based on a phaeton made for King George IV of the United Kingdom. Though in English the name victoria was not employed for a carriage before 1870,[1] when one was imported to England by the Prince of Wales in 1869, the type was made some time before 1844. It was very popular amongst wealthy families. On a low body, it had one forward-facing seat for two passengers and a raised driver's seat supported by an iron frame, all beneath a calash top. It was usually drawn by one or two horses. This type of carriage became fashionable with ladies for riding in the park, especially with a stylish coachman installed.

Nowadays, Victoria carriages can be seen in the Chilean city of Viña del Mar, where they are rented to tourists. They are also seen in the streets of Mumbai, where they are rented out in a fashion similar to that of taxis.

The name has been applied to the Ford Crown Victoria.



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