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Victoria Stakes

Ungraded Stakes race
Victoria Stakes
Location Woodbine Racetrack
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Inaugurated 1903
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website Woodbine Entertainment Grp
Race information
Distance 5 furlongs
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Two-year-olds
Weight Assigned
Purse $125,000

The Victoria Stakes is a Canadian Thoroughbred horse race run annually at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ontario. Held in mid June, it has been raced on Polytrack since 2006 over a distance of five furlongs. Open to two-year-old horses, it currently offers a purse of $125,000.

Named in honor of Queen Victoria who had died in 1901, the Victoria Stakes was first run in 1903 at the Old Woodbine Racetrack. Following that facility's closure, the race was moved in 1956 to the new Woodbine race track. For 1979 only, it was raced on turf.

Since inception, the Victoria Stakes has been competed over various distances:

  • 5 furlongs : 1903-1955
  • 5½ furlongs : 1956-1978
  • About 5 furlongs : 1979
  • 1980 to present : 5 furlongs


Historical notes

A number of notable North American horses have won this race including George Smith who won the next year's Kentucky Derby, Belair Stud's colt Faireno in 1931 who was the first horse to break the one minute barrier and who went on to win the 1932 Belmont Stakes. Notable Canadian-bred winners include Windfields (1945), Nearctic, (1956), Viceregal (1968), and Deputy Minister who in 1981 set a new race record for five furlongs that still stands. In 1982, Sunny's Halo finished second but the following year became only the second Canadian-bred horse to win the Kentucky Derby.


Time record: (at the present distance of 5 furlongs)

Most wins by an owner:

  • 5 - Stafford Farms (1960, 1961, 1974, 1975, 1976)

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

Winners of the Victoria Stakes






2009 Olredlgetcha Emile Ramsammy Greg de Gannes R Own Stable 0:57.56
2008 Southern Exchange Jono Jones Greg de Gannes Bill & Vicki Poston 0:57.48
2007 Kodiak Kowboy Emma-Jayne Wilson Steve Asmussen Vinery Stables 0:59.44
2006 Chace City Shaun Bridgmohan Steve Asmussen Gold Square LLC 0:59.21
2005 Vibank David Clark Josie Carroll Jim & Alice Sapara 0:59.26
2004 Flamenco Robert Landry Todd A. Pletcher Peachtree Stable 0:57.90
2003 Third Day * David Clark Mark Casse Gaillardia Racing 0:57.86
2002 El Ruller Ray Sabourin Arthur Silvera Larry Spindler et al. 0:58.29
2001 Expected Hour Patrick Husbands Mark Casse Faris, Bolton et al. 0:58.80
2000 Sam Lord's Castle Emile Ramsammy Josie Carroll Eugene Melnyk 0:58.78
1999 Vorticity Slade Callaghan Ross Armata C.E.C. Farms 0:57.67
1998 Erlton Robert Landry Benjamin Perkins Jr. New Farm 0:58.80
1997 Torgan Todd Kabel Linda Rice C. D. Rice 0:59.20
1996 Cash Deposit Robert Landry Daniel J. Vella Frank Stronach 0:59.40
1995 Intrepid Son † Dave Penna Roger Attfield Joe Brocklebank 0:58.80
1995 Gomtuu † Jerry Baird Dominic J. Polsinelli Tri-Colour Racing Stable 0:59.00
1994 Honky Tonk Tune Robert Landry Daniel J. Vella Frank Stronach 0:58.00
1993 Welbred Fred Dave Penna Glenn Magnusson David B. Seyler 0:59.40
1992 Dances With Fire Don Seymour Ron Dandy Wayne Trombly 0:58.20
1991 Alydeed Don Seymour Roger Attfield Kinghaven Farms 0:59.40
1990 Megas Vukefalos Lloyd Duffy Daniel J. Vella Knob Hill Stable 0:59.60
1989 Wavering Girl Sandy Hawley Michael J. Doyle Windhaven 0:58.80
1988 Chill Up David Clark Gordon Huntley V&O Stable/Kitchen 0:59.00
1987 Dapple Dancer Dan Beckon Grant Pearce King Caledon Farm 0:59.40
1986 Fozzie Bear Robin Platts Tino Attard V.C.L. Farms/Spatafora 0:58.00
1985 Dom Dancer Dan Beckon Gil Rowntree B. K. Y. Stable 0:58.60
1984 Honey's Answer Gary Stahlbaum G. Hughes Comra 0:59.00
1983 Archregent Hugo Dittfach Arthur H. Warner Richard R. Kennedy 0:59.80
1982 Flying Pocket David Clark Tony Mattine The Three Of Us Stable 0:58.20
1981 Deputy Minister Lloyd Duffy Bill Marko Centurion Farms 0:57.20
1980 Solo Guy George HoSang Laurie Silvera Gordon F. Hall 0:59.40
1979 Classic Joker George HoSang Brian Ottaway Mrs. G. McCullagh 0:59.80
1978 Highland Ridge Sandy Hawley John J. Tammaro, Jr. Kinghaven Farms 1:05.20
1977 Lucky Colonel S. Gary Stahlbaum Donnie Walker Conn Smythe 1:04.80
1976 Sound Reason Robin Platts Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 1:06.20
1975 Proud Tobin Jeffrey Fell Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 1:06.00
1974 Royal Selari Robin Platts Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 1:05.20
1973 Backstretch Noel Turcotte Carl F. Chapman O'Maonaign Abu Stable 1:06.20
1972 Down North John LeBlanc James C. Bentley Helen G. Stollery 1:06.00
1971 Gentleman Conn John Baboolal Jerry C. Meyer Willow Downs Farm 1:05.40
1970 Briartic Richard Grubb J. Mort Hardy Bennett Farms 1:04.80
1969 Artic Feather Chris Rogers R. Boucher Aylmer Stable 1:06.00
1968 Viceregal Richard Grubb Gordon J. McCann Windfields Farm 1:04.40
1967 Real Sensible Avelino Gomez Jerry C. Meyer Willow Downs Farm 1:04.60
1966 Ring Francis Avelino Gomez Lou Cavalaris, Jr. Gardiner Farm 1:04.40
1965 Stevie B. Good Nick Shuk Jerry C. Meyer E. C. Pasquale 1:05.80
1964 Bright Object James Fitzsimmons Lou Cavalaris, Jr. Gardiner Farm 1:05.00
1963 Ramblin Road Pat Remillard Gordon M. Huntley Gordon F. Hall 1:04.40
1962 Hail Dipper Charles McKee J. Mack W. P. Mack 1:04.40
1961 Royal Spirit Al Coy John Passero Stafford Farms 1:06.20
1960 Fair Charger Avelino Gomez E. Odorico Stafford Farms 1:05.00
1959 Bulpamiru Cliff Potts Red Barnard Shermanor Farm 1:04.80
1958 Le Grand Rouge R. Gonzalez Yonnie Starr Larkin Maloney & Conn Smythe 1:04.80
1957 Silver Ship Ernie Warme Gordon M. Huntley Gordon F. Hall 1:05.20
1956 Nearctic Avelino Gomez Gordon J. McCann E. P. Taylor 1:06.60
1955 Bunty's Flight George Walker Yonnie Starr Larkin Maloney 1:00.00
1954 Benroman Gene Pederson James C. Bentley B. R. Steen 0:59.60
1953 Collisteo Bert Albert S. Couch Bur-Fit Stable 0:58.60
1952 War General Bobby Watson L. Silvestri C. L. Taylor 1:00.00
1951 French Lace Alf Bavington John Passero William R. Beasley 1:00.20
1950 Acceptable Chris Rogers Frank Merrill, Jr. Halton Brook Stable 1:00.00
1949 Petrolas A. Montiro F. Fitzgerald Jolly Roger Stable 0:59.60
1948 Avona Howard Bailey James C. Bentley Addison Stable 0:59.60
1947 Tonado Bobby Watson J. Grills F. W. Ellins 1:00.60
1946 Imperator Johnny Dewhurst Arthur Brent Parkwood Stable 1:01.00
1945 Windfields Herb Black Bert Alexandra Cosgrave Stable 0:59.00
1944 Transbest Chris Rogers Loyd Gentry, Sr. Four Oaks Stable 1:01.20
1943 Airpan C. W. Smythe Reggie Cornell F. Ellins 1:00.40
1942 Sweepnack David Prater Octave Viau Harry C. Hatch 1:03.40
1941 Air Sure Harry Meynell M. Nichols Conn Smythe 1:00.80
1940 Ariel Trip Herb Lindberg W. Coburn Conn Smythe 1:02.80
1939 King's Colors Albert Schmidt Frank Gilpin Parkwood Stable 1:01.60
1938 Hope Diamond Pat Remillard H. Chappell C. N. Mooney 1:01.80
1937 no race
1936 Miss Dolphin J. Hunter John J. Thorpe Edward F. Seagram 1:01.20
1935 Santan Herb Lindberg John J. Thorpe Edward F. Seagram 0:59.80
1934 Ouragan C. McDonald Harry Giddings, Jr. Col. R. S. McLaughlin 1:00.20
1933 Polly Egret John Mattioli Jack Whyte Fairfields Farm 1:00.40
1932 Miss Puray J. G. Petz William Garth Tranquility Farm 1:01.60
1931 Faireno Anthony Pascuma George Tappen Belair Stud 0:59.60
1930 Totem Raymond Workman James G. Rowe, Jr. Harry Payne Whitney 1:00.60
1929 Snowy Louis Schaefer Thomas J. Healey Walter J. Salmon, Sr. 1:01.60
1928 Rapid Transit R. Peternal J. Burch Kilrain Stable 1:01.00
1927 Reprove F. Horn O. Pons W. Maher 1:01.60
1926 Jopagan Charles Fairbrother R. Mitchell A. G. Weston 1:03.20
1925 Gaffsman B. Kennedy William H. Bringloe Seagram Stable 1:01.40
1924 Gymkhana Edward Scobie William Irvine Edward F. Whitney 1:01.40
1923 Idle Thoughts A. Roach J. Wagnon M. J. Reid 1:01.80
1922 Bucado John McTaggart M. Kelley B. Harding 1:00.60
1921 Second Thoughts T. Parrington William Irvine Edward F. Whitney 1:01.00
1920 Baby Grand Earl Sande Fred H. Schelke J. K. L. Ross 1:02.00
1919 no race
1918 no race
1917 Charlie Leydecker T. Parrington W. Livingston Ed McBride 1:02.40
1916 Manokin W. Ward H. Guy Bedwell H. Guy Bedwell 1:02.40
1915 George Smith Guy Burns T. Shannan Ed McBride 1:01.40
1914 Sid Edgar E. Taplin H. Guy Bedwell H. Guy Bedwell 1:01.00
1913 Southern Maid P. Moody John Nixon Robert T. Davies 1:00.80
1912 Monocacy James Butwell Albert Simons Harry Payne Whitney 1:02.00
1911 Moisant Guy Burns Albert Simons Albert Simons 1:01.60
1910 Moncrief Harty Henry McDaniel R. L. Thomas 1:02.60
1909 Turf Star Mentry J. W. May J. W. May 1:01.80
1908 Simcoe E. Walsh G. Graydon J. H. Madigan 1:02.60
1907 Johnny Blake Nicol W. Phillips F. Cook 1:00.60
1906 Arimo J. Foley E. Landsberg J. J. Welsh 1:01.00
1905 St. Joseph W. Daly Michael J. Daly Michael J. Daly 1:05.75
1904 Shannonside Otto Wonderly Barry T. Littlefield Joseph E. Seagram 1:02.75
1903 Spring D. Murray A. Weston Goughacres Stable 1:04.75
    • In 2003, Gemini Dream won but was disqualified and placed last for interference.
  • † Run in two divisions in 1995.</span>



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